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Wrapping Chinese Red Color Pigment

Color pigment have been specially formulated for the process of colouration of glazes used in the production of ceramic tile, achiving the following advantages :ease of use, constancy and homogeneity in colors and shades of tile products, minimum reaction with the glaze, intense colouration, and low cost.

Product Details

Chinese Red ceramic pigment

Product Name: Wrapping Chinese Red Color Pigment

Producing Method: Dry method

Package: 25 kg/ bag

MOQ: 1000 KG

More Details of Wrapping Chinese Red Ceramic Color Pigment:

red ceramic pigment

dry mixing red pigment

ceramic colors and pigment

pigment and glaze

glaze stains

Storage of Ceramic Color Pigment:

Ceramic Colour Pigment -2

Other Colour Pigments for Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic Colour Pigment --1

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