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10 tiles paving guidelines to prevent empty drums, curling, cracking, shedding- II

- Sep 30, 2018 -

Cement mortar

Cement mortar ratio

Cement sand ratio and cement label are the decisive factors determining the cement mortar adhesion. Especially in the traditional wet-laid process, there is a gap between the mortar and the tile. If the cement is not high or the sand is too much, the adhesion is not enough, and it is loose and cocked in the environment of sudden temperature change.

Cement mortar should be applied evenly

When the tiles are laid, the cement mortar on the back needs to be evenly and saturate to ensure the bond strength. However, in order to save time, some bricklayers do not evenly apply mortar on the back of the whole tile, which causes uneven thickness of the tile edge, thermal expansion and contraction. The volume changes more and the corners are lifted.


Single mixing should not be too much

In order to pursue efficiency, many workers will increase the amount of cement mortar mixed in a single time. After construction, the cement mortar that has been put on for a long time will volatilize, and the effect is relatively not so good. The next day, the cement mortar will gradually lose its plasticity and begin to harden, which is basically unusable.

The same is true for tile adhesives. The large scraping area of a single cloth can cause the surface of the glue that is too late to dry. When tiling, the area of tile adhesive tape should be controlled within 1 square meter. In case of outdoor dry weather, the wall should be wetted first.


Spatial processing

Waterproof processing

For the bathroom, it is necessary to waterproof the tile before laying the tile. After the waterproof material is applied to the floor and the wall, the pipe mouth is closed and the ground waterproof test is carried out. After no problem, the tile can be laid. For spaces outside the bathroom, it can be waterproofed according to actual needs.


Base treatment

Clean the dust and stains on the surface of the base layer, sprinkle the water to wet the floor, and let the floor be fully wet, but there is no water.

Make cushion layer

The floor flatness of the rough house is generally not up to standard, so the cushion layer is needed. The process of leveling, napping, calendering and other processes directly affects the quality of the cushion layer. The treatment is not good, and the tile is hollowed out and cannot be flattened. Knock off the full tile and re-pain.


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