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2018 BIG 5 Will be Held from 26th, 29th,Nov. In Dubai.

- May 29, 2018 -


Exhibition Introduction:

Largest and most professional of the Middle East five industry show for Middle East construction and manufacturing industry.


Founded in 1980, the Middle East Dubai Five Industry Exhibition (BIG5) is the influential and largest exhibition of building, building materials and services in the Middle East. At the same time its derivatives exhibition in the five major industries in the Middle East construction machinery, vehicles and equipment exhibition (BIG5PMV) is a professional exhibition focused on the Middle East construction equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles. Today, the hot and continuous development of the construction market in the Middle East has drawn strong demand for construction equipment, materials, construction machinery and vehicles and has drawn global attention.


The five major Middle East Dubai trade shows 2018 will be held in Dubai World Trade Center in November 2018 and will continue to provide a global business opportunity for building equipment and building materials suppliers in face-to-face engagement with buyers from the Middle East. It also provides a new profit platform for Chinese enterprises. With Dubai successfully bidding for the 2020 World Expo, many companies around the world are optimistic about the recovery prospects of the Dubai market.


Products Exhibited:


  1. Stone & Ceramics:

       Ceramics, tiles, marble tiles, granite tile , natural stone, stone cutting machine, polishing machine, stone cleaning and maintenance technology, stone slabs, stone pouring, recycled stone, cementitious products.

  2. Building materials and Equipment:

        Construction Hardware, Construction Aluminum, Construction Metallic Materials, Wood, Construction Gelled Products, Adhesives, Paper Materials, Flooring, Tiles, Construction Machinery and Equipment.

  3. Construction Steel:

        Stainless steel, h-beam, rebar, bearing steel, channel steel, steel, steel, wire, steel charge, other steel products.

  4. Kitchen Bathroom:

    Sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, bathroom facilities and accessories.

  5. Doors and windows and decorating materials.

  6. Water Treatment Technology and Environmental Protection.

  7. Air conditioning and refrigeration.

  • Granite Marble Tiles
  • 3D Cheap Polished Floor Tiles
  • Silk Screen Printing Ceramic Floor Tile
  • 150x800mm / 6x32'' Ceramic Wood Floor Tile
  • Polished Porcelain Floor Tile
  • High Quality Polished Porcelain Floor Tile (24''x24'' 32''x32'')

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