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2018 Ceramic Technology Innovation and Development Trend Revealed(II)

- Jan 22, 2018 -

2018 Ceramic Tiles Technology Innovation and Development Trend Revealed.

Antique products will be greatly expanded.Glaze process will have continuous innovation.

In 2017, the market of glazed tiles has become larger. That is to say, compared with polished tiles, the overall trend of tiles is toward the development of glazed tiles such as marble tiles and modern antique tiles. Therefore, the glaze market is also naturally gradually expanded. Pengxiang Hui stressed that no matter what kind of new product development, we must meet the market demand, as far as possible for customers to solve urgent problems to be solved. He also revealed that in 2018 there will be a new high-temperature crystalline wear-resistant glaze available.


Looking back at the ceramic glaze market in 2017, Wu Han-sheng, chairman of Foshan Yuan Tai Ceramics & Chemical Co., Ltd., emphasized to the Tao Wei network reporter that glazed glaze still occupies the leading position in the market. Glazed enamel glaze including full cast glaze, thick cast glaze, a small part of the ceramic and ceramic tiles. These products account for 60-70% of glazed products. Polished tiles less and less market share, polished tiles is not no market, but no profit, resulting in manufacturers and channel operators do not want to continue to invest too much in this section of the energy.

Wu Hansheng believes that in 2017 the development of the antique glaze market has come out of an expanding road. Antique glaze is subdivided into soft satin glaze, and even derived carved glaze, functional glaze. For example: negative ion glaze, bactericidal glaze, are the market in the search for breakthrough point burst some new attempts.

He said that in antique products, modern antique brick is a hot 2017 category. Modern antique brick to simple design for its overall style, match the elegant colors, all the different elements of their applications focus on the formation of the overall style of the performance of various styles of modern antiquarian series of large family products in 2017 formed A sudden emergence of product categories. The current antique brick strong limelight, great trend swept the industry. In addition, there is another product in 2017, which is the billet color of the whole body marble product, which brought the market of some corporate all-body marble products and brought a significant impact on the market.

For the 2018 glazed tile market forecast, Wu Han-sheng said that regarding the general trend of the glazed tile market in 2018, the leading products should still be based on the glossy products. However, due to increasingly fierce competition in the market of bright products and increasingly low profits, Some leading innovators will gradually give up high-gloss products and turn to antique glazes, satin glazes, and some functional glaze products for more profit margins. In the meantime, all the antique new products will show an expansion by 2018. Because these new products are relatively good profit margins, manufacturers will be more efforts to promote these new products. The full cast glaze products market will be part of the shrinking, because many manufacturers in the production of such products do not have much profit margin of the case, will turn to a better profit margins of the new category up. For example, antique products now appear on a superabsorbent full cast glaze, this product is good profit margins, the market is also taking the amount of large, the product can both wall, but also suitable for laying, it will gradually replace part of the porcelain The market for tablets.

Wu Hansheng also revealed to Tao Wei network reporter, there is a trend in 2018, some manufacturers to make large-size antique tiles, will use the adjustment of product specifications, to nibble the market. For example, the market of some tiles will be replaced with 300X600, 200X800, 300X900, 400X800 and other specifications. As many antique brick production lines shift to produce some products to replace the ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles market competition in the future there will be some new changes in the market, but also more intense. Under such a trend, high-gloss products in 2018 will give off some of the products marketed to antiquity systems, including satin glazes, some functional glaze and carved glaze, which will be a bigger eruption area.


In 2018, environmental impact on the ceramic market will increase.Capital infiltration of pottery industry, southwest pottery product share decline.

"The impact of the environmental storm in 2017 is even more prominent in the industry!" Wu Hansheng said that some glaze of porcelain pieces, such as frit glaze, have caused tight supply of frit glazes in various regions due to the shutdown of production in Shandong Province. Caused no small impact. It is estimated that the impact of environmental protection on the industry will continue in 2018. After the renovation, the supply of raw materials will not be tense but the costs will increase, including the raw material prices and the price of glazed products. However, as long as the manufacturers to do a better quality ceramic tile, a certain extent to enhance the price of the product to protect the participation of all aspects of production have a reasonable profit, consumers will accept the operation of the market will be more stable tiles.

In general, the porcelain has its irreplaceable function, the market share by the consumer to choose, the total should not have a lot of changes. Because China's rural real estate market is still very broad, ceramic sales will not increase a lot, but it will not fall quickly, the market will be relatively stable operation.

2017 is a very bumpy year for the ceramic industry and will face a major reshuffle in 2018. In the past, most of the reshuffling was under management, poor management and broken capital chains. Now it is because of the state policy that environmental protection and hardcover monopoly markets are all on the way. Market changes, customer needs, and now the ceramic raw material requirements are also high, the big brands gradually enjoys popular support, small brands want to stand firm and must continue to innovate. In the development of pottery industry, long-term logging and high cost of raw materials make the process of research and development of new products need to withstand the pressure of time, manpower, financial resources and material resources so that enterprises can achieve a phased improvement.


Industry veteran He Yanrong also analyzed that in the ceramic raw materials, the first half of 2018 will tend to be stable in the second half of the year due to the introduction of new environmental protection policies, will face more uncertainty. He further summarized Tao Wei network reporter, 2018 is a very crucial year, strong companies this year continued to grow substantially, of course, is inevitable that weak brands and manufacturers will be struggling, or even support the second half. 2018 will be a watershed, but also a prominent year of capital power, and environmental pressures continue to increase. Before the stock market picks up in 2019, it is inevitable that there will be capital into this once-undocumented industry. After the surviving enterprises are likely to be acquired by big companies, they will only be able to face a phase-out.

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