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2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia International Building Materials and Construction Technology Exhibition

- May 29, 2018 -

2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia International Building Materials and Construction Technology Exhibition will be Held in November.


Exhibition Introduction:

One of the most professional and famous building industry exhibitions in Malaysia.


The Seventh Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Building Materials and Construction Technology Exhibition will be held in Kuala Lumpur in November 2018 at the Prince's World Trade Center. Exhibition organized by. It is supported by such associations as Malaysia Foreign Trade and Development Agency (MATRADE), Malaysian Building Materials Agents Association, Malaysian Concrete Association and Malaysia Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association.


More Attractive:


The 2016 Malaysian Building Materials Show ushered in 127 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 4,186 square meters. It also attracted 2,883 professionals to the show.


High Degree of Internationalization:


The exhibitors from the United States, Britain, South Korea, Greece, Germany and neighboring ASEAN countries, a wider range of radiation. Visitors are architects, engineers, project managers, etc., mainly from the interior decoration industry, environmental monitoring industry, market consulting, government departments and so on.


Highly Innovative:


With a high degree of professionalism and innovation, the exhibition shows all relevant new products and concepts - mainly the construction industry, construction machinery and infrastructure. Covering building materials, HVAC, construction hardware and tools, road construction, railway construction, water management and more.


Products Exhibited:

  1. Hardware Products:

       Architectural hardware, steel hardware, mechanical hardware, furniture hardware, agricultural hardware, automotive hardware, ship hardware.

  2. Building Decoration:

        Cement, Pitch,tiles, Stone, Glass Pallets, Ceramics Tiles,Granite Tiles,Marble,Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Sanitary ware, Doors and Windows, Floorings, Wall and Roof Materials ,Waterproofing Refractory Insulation Materials,  kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, etc.

  3. Architecture Technology:

       Construction machinery, machinery and equipment, spare parts, electrical engineering equipment, construction tools; industrial building systems (IBS), formwork, scaffolding; roof trusses; building intelligence and automation systems, products and equipment. Family integrated network control system equipment; elevator and escalator systems and technology; energy saving and environmental governance; electrical and cable systems, lighting, etc.

  4. House Safety:

        Traffic control, security detection and alarm system, CCTV and remote monitoring system, smart card system technology, lock, lock equipment and security, security door, security service, parking system; rescue, emergency equipment and clothing.

  5. Green Technology:

        Energy-saving products and systems, solar systems, environmental products and services. Recyclable materials, renewable energy products and systems, water and waste management.



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  • Travertino Polished Tiles
  • Marble Design Glossy Wall Tiles
  • 150x600mm Wood Floor Tiles
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