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2018, Leading Trend of the Ceramic Slab

- Jan 23, 2018 -

2018, Leading Trend of the Big Sized Ceramic Tiles Slab

With the return to the nature of home functions, simple and natural, back to nature as the key factor in the choice of home ceramic tile.


Every home decoration style and space are related to the owner's taste, in order to achieve the unity of space as a whole, visual harmony, you need to integrate all the details of the home improvement, and modern fashion design style is the development of modern and future ceramic tile trend .


Large-size ceramic tile used in high-end integrated sites, such as luxury hotels, luxury clubs, villas and so on. Today, the decorative effect of large-size tiles, more and more eye-catching. Large-size ceramic tile is rapidly into the decoration of home space, much of the vast number of consumers of all ages.


"Big", not only the leap of the size,

Behind the meaning of the development of modern technology and consumer experience upgrade.

Large size, to achieve 900X1800mm specifications

Magnificent atmosphere, rich and noble temperament,

Visually gives a feeling of extension and expansion,

Make the space more spacious, add extravagance to the atmosphere,

Crystal clear, bright and stylish glaze.

Good Overall Effect

Large-scale tile laying style generous, giving an extension, open feeling, but also in large area, more open space, with a large ceramic tile will look simple atmosphere, elegant and upscale, by many consumers.


Richer Texture

In product design, large-size ceramic tile because of its larger single-piece, you can carry more texture elements, so the decoration of the overall space texture pattern effect more complete and three-dimensional, brick surface is more rich details.


Less cracks, easy to handle

Large tiles in the shop when the more easy, and less seams, not easy to leave dirty, when cleaning is relatively easy, making the ground looks more clean and tidy.

Practical that is fashion

Large size tiles can also be cut twice, both to minimize waste, but also with the needs of home improvement to create a different style, interpretation of international mix and match, to create a more diverse space effect.

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