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2018 Tehran International Building Materials Exhibition.

- Apr 25, 2018 -

2018 Tehran International Building Materials Exhibition.

2018 Tehran International Building Materials Exhibition will be held in August.


Exhibition Introduction:

One of the few professional building materials exhibition.

Iranian Building Materials Exhibition organized by the M & TSolutions company, a year, the exhibition will be on display the latest building materials products and cutting-edge building materials technology. The show was held for the first time in 2015. The first two sessions mainly faced local and European exhibitors. It was a rare opportunity to gradually open the participation of Chinese exhibitors this year.


Great Power:

Organizers M & T Solution company is committed to hosting various expositions and exhibitions in different countries, has 25 years of international exhibition experience, for the global exhibitors to provide professional booth design, product promotion, business travel and other services. The strength and level of the organizers' professional exhibitions laid the foundation for the successful holding of this exhibition.



Exhibits a wide range of exhibitions, involving many, not only will be released the latest products and technologies, but also in the field and many professional and technical personnel to communicate. And the Iranian building materials market is in a period of rising demand, strong market potential, the show is a business a good opportunity to develop the Iranian market. According to the organizers 'survey, 60% of the visitors' participation is aimed at acquiring information on new products and services, 45% of the audience is looking for the latest industry information, 35% of the audience are looking for cutting-edge technologies and 20% . And the majority of visitors to the show are the company's top executives and policy makers.


Products Exhibited:

1. Building Materials:

    All kinds of stone and stone tools, all kinds of profiles, decorative materials,tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles,marble,granite, insulation materials, paints, paints, trim tiles, windows and doors materials, lime cement and other chemical building materials, roof and roof materials, all kinds of materials, windows and doors, wall materials And profiles, doors and windows accessories and raw materials, sealing and insulation materials Auxiliary, adhesives, sealants, concrete, cement, glass and glass products, interior decoration landscape, garden decorations, nuts, bolts, screws, paint, protective coatings , Scaffolding, safety and hygiene tools and equipment, swimming pool accessories, installation accessories, etc .

2. Stones:

    Marble cleaning and restoration machinery, granite cutting blades, tile and granite grinding machinery, marble slabs, tiles, mosaics, cutting machinery, polishing machinery, quarrying machinery, processing and installation equipment, lifting and packaging materials.

3. Construction Equipment:

Construction vehicles, cranes, scaffolding, heavy machinery, equipment jacks, conveyors,     loaders, skid mounted machinery, mine tractors, etc.

4. Energy:

    Biofuels, diagnostic equipment, network electrical engineering, electrical supply, high voltage transmission, detection and control, photovoltaic solar portable generators, power plant equipment, solar power plants, underground thermal energy, control switches, transformers.

5. Illumination:

    Chandelier accessories, large area lighting, fluorescent lamps, garden lighting, residential lighting, lighting fittings, outdoor lighting, street lights, switches, lighting control, etc.


  • Stone Floor Tile
  • Cement Grey Tile
  • 3D Cheap Polished Floor Tiles
  • 600x1200mm/24x48'' Fullbody Matte Floor Tile
  • High Gloss Porcelain Floor Tile
  • Permeable Tiles

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