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900×1200mm, 800×2400mm, super rock plate, all-ceramic customization

- Oct 29, 2018 -

900×1200mm, 800×2400mm, super rock plate, full porcelain customized ...
We also found these highlights in Foshan Ceramics Exhibition:

The big board still dominates the mainstream, and the new specifications are eye-catching.

The large board of this year's Ceramic Expo is still the product with the highest appearance rate, and new specifications such as 900×1200mm and 800×2400mm attract eyeballs.


The texture is also very rich, with stone, sandstone, cement, terrazzo, rust, etc., one of which is made up of three 1200 × 2400 (mm) flat wall.


750 × 1500 (mm) prevails, a number of companies launched.

It is worth noting that the 750×1500 (mm) large board at this exhibition has attracted more attention from enterprises.



Many exhibitors believe that the application effect of 750 × 1500 (mm) specifications is more atmospheric than the 600 × 1200 (mm) specification, and it is more advantageous than the large board in transportation and paving.

The proportion of wood grain tiles drops.

Under the continuation of the modern minimalist and modern antique trend, the imitation stone as a wild classic texture is still sought after by various enterprises, while the imitation wood grain has a certain proportion of decline. In the "Ceramic Products Pavilion" of the China Ceramics Headquarters Pavilion, the wood grain tiles are almost difficult to see.


Wood grain tiles are used in the space of walls, floors and real scenes to show the design texture of the products.


Superposition process performance texture.

The glaze upgrade has brought more room for improvement in product optimization. With the application of dry granules and molds, ceramic tile products have better performance. More companies at this year's Ceramic Expo showcased the bump wall tiles and have a stronger sense of design.


300×900 (mm) ceramic tile, the ceramic tile adopts special-shaped carving mold + inkjet technology to make the surface effect more detailed and three-dimensional.


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  • Polished Tiles for Emperador Rosalia and Volakas
  • Classic Marble Tile- Black Series
  • 600x600mm Outdoor Floor Tiles
  • Silk Screen Printing Ceramic Floor Tile
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