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900x1800mm Ceramic Plate, the Trend of the Fashion Industry!

- May 17, 2018 -


With the return of home functions, simple, natural, and return to life have become the key factors for people to choose home tiles.


The decoration style of each home space is related to the owner's taste. In order to achieve the unity of the whole space and the visual harmony, it is necessary to cleverly integrate all the details in the home decoration. The modern fashion design style is the the trend of development of modern and future ceramic tiles. 


"Big" is not just a leap in size.

Behind it means the development of modern technology and the upgrading of consumer experience.

900x1800mm, with Grand atmosphere, rich and noble temperament,visually giving people a feeling of extension and expansion, making the space more open and add a sense of luxury and atmosphere.Crystal clear, bright and stylish glaze!


Large-size tiles are used in high-end integrated venues such as luxury hotels, luxury clubs, and villas. Nowadays, the decorative effect of large-size tiles has attracted more and more eyeballs. Large size ceramic tiles are rapidly entering the home space decoration and are favored by consumers.

  • Dark Color 60x60 cm Super Glossy Polished Tile
  • Crystal Emperador Polished Tiles
  • Bianco Carrara Polished Tiles
  • Big Size Marble Porcelain Tiles
  • 600x1200mm/24x48'' Fullbody Matte Floor Tile
  • Marble Effect Tile

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