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A few tips for tiling tiles

- Aug 08, 2018 -

When the wall and floor tiles are of the same size, the gap between the wall and the floor tile should be continuous.

In addition to irregular positions, try to use whole tiles when laying.

When arranging tiles, try to avoid less than 1/4 of small tiles. If the wall area of the tiles encounters this situation, the two tiles that are discharged to the side will be cut and averaged at the same time.

Strip space (such as porch, aisle, kitchen) should be from the middle of the door to the whole tile.

Non-whole tiles should be used as much as possible in minor parts and areas where the line of sight is not obvious, such as the corner of the corner, the side of the floor or the bottom of the cabinet. In the case of the yin and yang, the tiles are made from the horns, and the cut bricks are used in the corners.

The wall tiles are best aligned with the margins of the doors, windows, and holes. The tiles are turned from the opening in both directions, and the upper half of the doors and windows are evenly centered.

Use the whole tile on the upper side of the bathtub, the upper side of the basin, and the upper side of the cabinet to avoid the brick seam being too close to the water source.

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