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Advantages of Matte Floor Tiles

- Apr 21, 2018 -

1. Antique tile have large varieties in colors and complete specifications, there are 900 * 450 and 800 * 800, more is 600 * 600, but also for small kitchens and other areas of the use of the small size of the tiles, can be said the combination of polished tiles and porcelain tiles. Among the antique tiles, there are lines of skin, rocks, wood, and so on. They look very similar in kind, and they can be described as real ones. Many of them are full-body tiles, and not just articles on glazed surfaces.

2. From a practical point of view, in public places with large people flow, tiles use frequency is high, polished tiles are almost dull and ugly for 2-3 years, while antique tiles are as new as when they were just paved at the first time.

3. From a practical point of view, the paving of antique tiles has always been personalized. It can be personalized by designing according to the colors. The use of antique tiles in foreign countries is far greater than polished tiles.

4. After the smooth surface of the polished tile, almost all can not solve the problem of anti-skid, rustic tiles can just solve this problem. Therefore, in public places, practical use of antique bricks has been gradually improved, and the issue of slippage of elderly people and children is gradually being used in families.

5. Polished tiles are considered to be the largest source of light pollution in foreign countries, while antique tiles are almost matt, and this problem does not exist. This is similar to the contrast effect of transparent glass bulbs and frosted bulbs.

6. For pollution prevention, we still give examples of public places. No matter how good the polishing bricks are, 2-3 years old, the surface has been heavily polluted by sallow, and in about five years, it must be renovated and paved. Antique bricks have almost no such problems.

7. From the view of water absorption, the rustic tiles are originally made of porcelain glazed tiles, and the porcelain bottom itself and the polished tiles have no difference. The only difference is the whiteness and the formula that can be thrown, so the water absorption rate of the blanks can reach about 0.1%. There is no difference with the polished bricks, but the surface conditions of the two tiles are completely different, and the antique brick surface will never absorb water (dirt).

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