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Advantages of Permeable Paving Bricks

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Advantages of Permeable Paving Bricks 

1.Help to avoid city flood.


On traditional road with hard surface , heavy rain cannot seep quickly into the underground, and flowed with plentiful ground garbage, limited drainage system will be easily get stuck, thus cause water-logging.


With great permeability, the roads paved with our permeable pavers can let rainwater quickly penetrate  through the pavers and permeate into the soil beneath the surface.   


2.To release the Tropical Island Effect.


Permeable paving bricks can retain water inside. In sunning day, water inside the pavers slowly evaporate, so it is helpful to reduce surface temperature.


3.Cleaning air.


With more moisture evaporated from water retained inside the pavers, plant on the surface will grow lusher and then help to clean the air.


4.Reducing noises


The porous structure of our permeable bricks can absorb a large amount of noise. It is the ideal sound-absorbing materials, which can not be done by other similar products.


5.Slip resistance


With great permeability, there will be no any water left on the ground and thus guarantee the safety of walkers. So our permeable pavers are widely used in school, quarters, and sidewalks which demand high safety




Unlike traditional concrete roads,our permeable bricks have various colors ranging from gray, light green, orange to dull-red and yellow, which are eye-pleasing when we walk on them.


7.Repeated use


In city construction, sometimes roads need to be relaid. Our permeable bricks can be repeatedly used to save any waste.



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  • Crystal Emperador Polished Tiles
  • Cement Gray Polished Tiles
  • 800x800mm/32x32'' Microcrystal Tiles
  • 600x600, 150x600mm Wood Effect Tiles
  • 800x800mm Polished Porcelain Floor Tile

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