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Antique Brick Tiles

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Antique tiles, glazed tiles is a kind of embryo porcelain body (about 3% water absorption) or Stoneware (water absorption of about 8%), for the construction of the wall surface, due to color and texture, similar to stone veneer with the effect of a long time, the industry generally referred to as antique brick.

Antique brick is not a product of China's building ceramics industry, is imported from abroad. Antique brick is evolved from the glazed tiles, in fact, glazed porcelain tiles. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly reflected in the glaze color above.

Specification introduction:

Antique brick tiles and tiles are ordinary, is basically the same, the only difference is in the firing process, the imitation of antique brick style old, is essentially a glazed ceramic brick, with a unique charm of classical attracts the attention of the people, in order to reflect the vicissitudes of history, antique brick through the style, color, pattern, create a nostalgic atmosphere. Antique brick evolved from glazed tiles and tiles, and is basically the same, the so-called antique brick, refers to the effect, should be called antique tiles, antique brick is not difficult to clean.

Antique brick pure clay; by this process of drinking water "to bluish grey; distinguished from ordinary antique tiles (such as porcelain bricks, tiles, etc.) to the ancient brick calm, elegant, simple, natural, quiet beauty; with" air permeability, water absorption, oxidation, air purification "and other characteristics, is the housing wall decoration, road ideal decoration materials. Become one of the products that designers strongly recommend.

The main specifications are: 100 x 100mm, 150 x 150mm, 165 x 165mm, 200 x 200mm, 300*300mm, 330*330mm, 400 x 400mm, 500 x 500mm, 600 * 600mm, 600x1200mm and 900x1800.

Main Feature:

1. Antique brick varieties, more color, complete specifications, 900 * 450 and 800 * 800, more is 600 * 600, but also for areas such as kitchen and toilet use of the small size of the tiles, can be said to be polished tiles and porcelain Fit piece. Antique brick in the dermatoglyphics, rock, wood grain and so on series, looks very similar with the kind, can be described as a real mess, many of them are whole body brick, not just in the glaze to make a fuss.

2. From a practical point of view, public places, large flow of people, the use of high frequency, polished 2-3 years almost dull, antique tiles and just the same when the shop.

3. And then from a practical point of view, the antique tiles pavement has always been personalized, according to color design, you can do personalized. Antique tiles used abroad is far greater than the polished tiles is evidence. Polished tiles are almost impossible to do.

4. After the polished surface is smooth, almost can not solve the problem of non-slip, antique brick just to solve this problem. Therefore, public places, the practicality of antique tiles gradually increase, taking into account the family slipping of the elderly and children are gradually improving the use of.

5. Polished tiles in foreign countries is considered to be the largest source of light pollution, while the antique brick is almost matt, there is no such problem. This is similar to the contrast between clear glass and matte bulbs.

6. Anti-fouling problems, even the best polished 2-3 years have been waxing yellow surface of the sewage serious, almost 5 years or so, you must re-decoration and paving. Antique brick almost no such problems arise.

7. From the water rate of view, the antique brick has always been porcelain glazed tiles, porcelain bottom itself and polished brick there is no difference between the difference is only white and can be thrown on the formula, so the body water absorption rate can reach about 0.1% And polished tiles are no different, but the two bricks on the surface is completely different, antique brick surface will never absorb water (dirty)

There are many ways to identify the pros and cons of antique brick, commonly used measure the water absorption, listening percussion sound, scratching the brick surface, look at the color and so on. The easiest way to measure water absorption is to pour a glass of water on the back of the tile, spreading rapidly, indicating high water absorption, which is not suitable for use in the kitchen because the kitchen and bathroom are often in a water environment and must be compared with water absorption Low product job. A good product percussion hand issued a crisp sound, even using hard objects to draw a glaze tile, it will not leave traces, and the same batch of tiles is very small color, gloss texture is also very consistent, so that you compare Suitable for large area overall pavement, creating a harmonious atmosphere of the aesthetic effect. After the quality of clearance, color, pattern, size, style of choice to see the owner's preferences. Antique bricks are generally durable, will accompany the family for a long time, only the pleasing masterpiece stand up to the popular test.

Antique bricks are generally classified according to the type of civilization, a total of romantic Europe, the original Africa, the mysterious Egypt, the ancient Indian customs, refined China, the Kingdom of ancient Babylon and other seven series, the more popular is romantic European and refined Chinese series of antique brick. Color is the most influential factor in design, because it determines some emotions, but also represents a certain custom. Pattern is also a symbol of civilization, appeared in the antique brick surface, play a finishing touch on the wall role, but also guide people's imagination and feel the classical charm. It is understood that the most popular antique tiles are the style of monochrome brick and tile points. Monochrome brick is mainly used for large area pavement, while the tile is used as embellishment for local decoration. The general pattern is hand-painted tiles, the surface is glazed, retro with a sense of fashion.

The size of the brick, the principle is that small rooms use small size tiles, large rooms use large size tiles. Visually, large bricks expand the surface and small bricks enrich the small space. However, the trend nowadays is still dominated by large bricks because people like to broaden their horizons.

The rapid development of the real estate industry in the world has led to the great development of the production and consumption of the world's ceramic tiles. Due to the large variety of color products, large quantities, good quality and high, medium and low-grade products of China's ceramic tile products, the large selection of suitable products at reasonable prices in many countries in the world And the region is very popular Chinese ceramic tile products, China ceramic tile in the international market, the growing proportion.

The unprecedented development of China's real estate industry, closely around the real estate associated with the construction of the wall tiles to the huge market demand. With the rapid development of China's ceramic production technology and technology, ceramic tile personalized product outstanding, product development began to trend high. While targeting the high-end market, China's ceramic tile enterprises emphasize adjusting their product mix and enhancing the added value of their products. At the same time, they take into account the overall interests of the industry and strive to achieve sustainable development through efforts to improve the technological content of products, increase independent innovation and foster their own brands.

With the improvement of personal income and appreciation of taste, the demand for high-end ceramic tile products is constantly expanding. In addition, with the transformation of infrastructure, the investment in housing construction is also increasing. With the steady growth of GDP, the income of ordinary people is also increasing, and the demand for decorative housing and building materials such as tiles is on the rise. The future of ceramic tile market is promising .

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