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Attention should be paid to these issues during process of paving tiles.

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Which attention should be paid to these issues during process of paving tiles ?

1.Wall tile laying considerations:

1) When dealing with the grass-roots level, all kinds of dirt on the wall should be completely cleaned and water-wetted one day earlier. If the grassroots as a new wall, when the cement mortar Qicheng dry, it should be row of bricks, shells, wall tiles tiles.

2)Before the tile must be soaked in water for more than 2 hours, the brick is not bubbling prevail, remove and dry stand-by.

3)When the sticky line encountered pipelines, lighting switches, bathroom equipment support, etc., must be cut with the entire set of brick anastomosis, prohibit the use of non-whole piece of patchwork paste.

2.Floor tile laying precautions:

1)Soak tiles in water for half day before paving.

2)Kitchen, bathroom should have slopes, no water, water does not flow backwards. The destruction of the original waterproof layer during construction, to be waterproofing, water leakage test for 12 hours.

3)After the floor tiles are laid, cover the brick with cardboard and wait for at least 24 hours to walk on the brick surface.

Attention after paving the tile:

After 1 hour paving, the cement, caulk or other sticky dirt that remains on the brick surface should be promptly wiped clean, as sealant is more difficult to clean after being attached for four hours. Paving after 12 hours, you should knock on the brick surface to check, if there is no emptying should be re-laying. Brick paving completed 24 hours before walking, thoroughly scrubbed with water mixed detergent, thoroughly clean the tiles.

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