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Bathroom tiles, are you right?

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Bathroom tiles, are you right?

  Bathroom, is an indispensable part of our lives, every day we have to use this place, and then, select the bathroom tiles to pay attention to what small details? Choose which material is better? At the same time, not only to slip, but also beautiful, but also To have a small skill, but also in the feng shui to pay attention to what? Here we simply discuss it.

  In fact, to have a beautiful, comfortable bathroom is not a difficult, as long as the color of the bathroom tiles to choose a good, bathroom tiles and overall space effect coordination, it will look beautiful and clean.

  First, bathroom tiles with colors and tricks

  1, the bathroom tile color of the small area and skills: the choice of tiles can choose tiles, this tile has the effect of expanding the space, so that the overall space is not so dull and depressed. The color of the tiles can choose light-colored wall tiles, light-colored walls also have the effect of expanding the space, so the bathroom shows the perfect decorative effect; can use dark tiles, so it will not appear to be top-heavy, so people will feel uncomfortable The

  2, the bathroom medium medium size bathroom, the color of the wall can choose warm colors, you can use a large area, you can also warm the warmth of the small area of the wall, wall other wall paste the cool tone, this bathroom will Appear more personality, do not be too mediocre. Wall color can choose beige, wall tiles and tiles color uniform color, so decorated with a simple natural effect.

  3, a large area of the bathroom toilet a large area on the wall of the choice of color can choose the color dark, but in the middle of the light waist or light-colored brick at the bottom, so the whole wall is too boring, the color of the tiles can choose the same color And the wall, but the color of sanitary ware must use light, so the overall effect will appear in an outstanding atmosphere.

  Second, the bathroom tiles color feng shui taboo

  1, monochrome tiles choose as far as possible not to consider, to give people boring, and match the pattern, of course, you can choose monochrome tiles but the middle of the decoration will make the bathroom color, home a little big bathroom can use the dark, stable and lively.

  2, for a small part of the bathroom can choose forever white, will make the bathroom look more clean and bright, but also conducive to broaden the field of vision, improve the brightness of space. This is also known as feng shui "dirty place particularly need to be bright, smelly more fragrant", is a complementary and balanced use of the flexibility principle. I wish you good luck to go home.

  3, the bathroom tiles do not use the big red, golden yellow, this is the fire, the bathroom is filthy, can not let them fire, like orange, blue, other tastes warm and delicious; in fact, both are bright and simple , The characteristics of fashion, with black, dark green, light blue people feel dirty, is not conducive to family health problems.

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