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Bathroom tiles seam water leakage approach

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Bathroom tiles seam water leakage approach

  Bathroom floor grass is necessary to do the waterproof layer, Bathroom tiles can not be close to the tiles to waterproof, tile joints will make water molecules into the seepage into the downstairs, encountered this situation, how should we do?

  (1) the use of waterproof sealant to fill the gap: if the gap is tiled water, we can use waterproof sealant to fill the gap to fill, because the tile itself is very low permeability, water seepage occurred in the gap. Bathroom tiles Basic can solve the problem of water leakage.

  (2) redo waterproof layer: If you have not done before the water, after the occurrence of water seepage must be redo the waterproof layer to solve, tile is only a temporary way to fill, because the thermal expansion and contraction of the gap will soon be gaps, so solve The fundamental way is to redo the waterproof layer.

  (3) downstairs ceiling seepage Department for grouting waterproof: If you have done before the waterproof, may be due to tiling after the destruction of the local waterproof layer, we can use grouting to stop the water, Bathroom tiles the principle of grouting waterproofing is the polyurethane grouting Liquid into the concrete and water molecules react to expand the clogged concrete tiny pores, to achieve the purpose of permanent water stop.

  After the bathroom is tiled to solve the cost and effort, we must pay attention to waterproofing in the decoration, Bathroom tiles be sure to use flexible waterproof coating. Many flexible waterproof coating on the market, the market collectively referred to as JS waterproof coating, K11 waterproof paste, this type of coating layer has a certain telescopic ratio, for the subtle cracks have a self-healing, Bathroom tiles rigid waterproof with caution. After doing waterproofing must be waterproof test, to be qualified and then acceptance of brick work.

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