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Bathroom tiles texture, color, practical and indispensable

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Home decoration, for many people is a problem, because it should be beautiful and the bathroom for this special space and material to be durable! So, what is the bathroom tiles good?

  Before choosing a tile, Bathroom tiles first look at what practical features are essential.

  First, low water absorption

  In general, the quality of the ceramic tile is very low, so that the tile quickly dry. Currently on the market of porcelain glazed tiles (antique tiles) are generally below 0.5% water absorption, is the best choice for bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles If the tiles do not indicate the water absorption, then how to determine the water absorption of tiles, we can use water drops on the back of the tiles, then hand quietly wait for a few minutes, and finally check the spread of water droplets, the less water Tiles that the low water absorption, better quality. High water absorption of the tiles after the hot and cold after the easy fall off, this is a problem we need to pay attention to.

  Second, good anti-skid performance

  In the bathroom tiles selection, anti-skid tiles for the bathroom tiles selection of the key. Anti-skid tiles are often wrinkled fringes or bumps on the front, mainly used to increase the friction of the floor to prevent slipping. Second, try to choose a smaller area of floor tiles, small tiles easier to grasp the slope, so that the ground leaks smooth.

  Third, high quality density

  When we buy tiles, we can first look at the tile from the side there is no size of the pinhole, tile surface is flat, in addition to this we can also judge by voice, beat the tiles of the sound more crisp on behalf of the Bathroom tiles The better the quality, the better the quality of the tile is not only extended the use of time is also more conducive to cleaning and maintenance.

  Today, with the consumer demand for personalized decoration is getting higher and higher, bathroom tiles in addition to meet the above physical properties, but also take into account the consumer requirements for the United States and texture, so the choice of tiles also consider the following factors The

  One, color

  Color is a temperature, the psychology of people have a great influence, from the natural material that is to meet the origin of the material color law, but also to meet the fashion aesthetic. Bathroom decoration mainly in a simple decoration style, in color should try to design fresh color, bring fresh and comfortable visual sense, Bathroom tiles increase the sense of open space. So the bathroom want to create a small fresh style, the choice of color tiles should be light or blue and green-based.

  For most of the small family nowadays, the color of the bathroom tiles is best to choose light-colored tiles, do not choose black or dark. Light can reflect the light from the line of sight effect, so that the bathroom looks more spacious and bright.

  Second, texture

  Texture is designed. Bathroom to reflect the texture and perception, buy a texture of ceramic tile material is essential. For the various properties of the material is texture and its intuitive feel, tile texture is the most important embodiment of texture, any object is a surface, and all the surface is a specific texture. Bathroom tiles Full use of the texture of the material and the properties of the material can make the bathroom feel more natural.

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