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Bathroom tiles to buy five major considerations

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Bathroom tiles to buy five major considerations

  Abstract: bathroom in the home improvement is a very high privacy space, many consumers want to have a spacious and relaxed bathroom space, wash the day of fatigue.

  Bathroom in the home improvement is a very high privacy space, many consumers want to have a spacious and relaxed bathroom space, Bathroom tiles wash the day of fatigue. The main decoration of the bathroom for the tiles, whether it is the wall or the ground, and more use of smooth tiles to decorate, so in order to create a good bathroom, you must buy high-quality ceramic tile products.

  Bathroom tiles to buy with other home improvement area to buy a difference, where the difference, Xiao Bian for you one by one!

  1, waterproof

  Bathroom walls must be waterproof, but also has anti-corrosion and anti-mildew tile (or glass tiles) covered; bathroom floor tile choice: the floor is best to use convex pattern of anti-skid tiles.

  2, tile texture density

  When buying tiles, you can observe from the side of the brick surface is smooth, whether there is uneven thickness of the pinhole. Bathroom tiles At the same time, you can tap the tiles to listen to the sound is crisp, the sound more brittle, said the tile texture density, hardness is better.

  3, beautiful degree

  Beauty is the color, color, tile itself flatness, geometric size, the general proposal to reserve 1-1.5mm natural shrinkage gap, because the tiles should also thermal expansion and contraction. Wall water absorption of about 10% or more. It is best to use impermeable, not non-absorbent.

  4, choose a good wall of the specifications

  It is recommended to measure the size of the next bathroom area, the general size of the wall is 300 * 300,300 * 450,300 * 600,400 * 800, so according to the size of the measurement of toilet area, and then the relevant planning to choose the size of the wall The

  5, brick surface glaze degree

  You can scratch the surface with a hard object, if there is scratches, then the glaze is insufficient. Wait until the tiles on the surface of the thin glaze layer polished, the brick will be easy to hide, more difficult to clean up, Bathroom tiles but also the lack of security.

  The above five points is Xiaobian for everyone finishing the bathroom tiles selection of small skills, is preparing the decoration of the owners, Bathroom tiles when you pick tiles when they have noticed these? These basic common sense should be kept in mind, so in the decoration When you can buy a good wishful tiles.

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