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Bathroom tiles use know how much

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Bathroom tiles use know how much

  In the bathroom with tiles decorative walls and the ground seems to have become a tradition, because of its non-slip, Bathroom tiles easy to clean and other functions to keep it in use, then the tiles in the bathroom, can have other effects? Xiao Bian for your analysis:

  Bathroom long-term full of water vapor, the environment is damp and dark, the general material of the cabinet is very easy because of long-term shrouded in water vapor and rot, breed bacteria, affecting the indoor environment, this time, you can try to use a brick lockers instead of common bathroom furniture , Bathroom tiles Not only strong and durable, easy to clean, but also with the walls, the ground tile coordination; can also be used to decorate the bathroom tile frame, window frame, or mosaic with a match pattern is also a very good choice.

  If the overall color is too pure color, the owners hope to have a visual impact, it can be used in plain tiles in some bright tiles or tiles of tiles, with the effect of fear, you can first on the chart corresponding to the tile wall Face design. Bathroom tiles So the number of tiles is more accurate. But also the paper cut into the size of the tile attached to the wall, calculate the paved tile tile area of the height and width, although doing so to spend some time, but in advance to see the effect of paving. Different batches of tile color may be slightly different, in order to avoid post-paste color, Bathroom tiles it is best to buy the same batch of tiles.

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