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Big Sized Products Bring More Chances For Tiles Industry

- Nov 06, 2017 -


                 Big Sized Products Bring More Chances For Tiles Industry

Besides the factor of construction of module, after many years price competition, products in traditional sizes have very little profit. Therefore big sized products become new attraction for companies to purse more profit and this brings more growing space for new brands.


There is almost no more profit space for traditional 600x600mm and 800x800mm sizes . said by Mr Liang -CEO of one powerful ceramics enterprise, who only dedicates to single sized products and provide this only this size to markets all over the world. Since 01,June, 2014, this company have been focusing on 600x1200mm tiles. According to Mr. Liang, consumers sometimes get aesthetic fatigue when all the market is full of foursquare products. Market needs some new arrival to stimulate consumers purchasing desire. From 600x1200mm tiles, we can cut 200x1200mm and 300x1200mm. With mixed decoration in various sizes, we can get more options to make the spacial lines flexible.


At that time, 600x1200mm sized products were only produced by some big brands as supplement. While we decided to take this single size as our sole brand. Although this size is rather single ,we can develop much more designs. We walked each step steadily and until this year, we accomplished sales to 3 billion. Mr. Liang said.


There are many laying ways for 600x1200mm, no matter we follow the I shape or rhombus shape, we can get beautiful effect. And when we consider cutting, 600x1200mm is also a good choice to make 200x1200mm, 300 x1200mm with less cost.


In United States, 600x1200mm is considered as ideal size by tiles industry. In European countries like Luxembourg, Netherlands ,Belgium and so on, big size is becoming a new trend. While until year 2011, China tiles industry preferred to develop big size and only by these two years big sized tiles get popular on the market and gradually replace traditional sized products.


So big sized tiles break the current structure of tiles industry. Future competition for tiles industry will not only limit to construction material but will also develop to the field industrial materials .



  • Porcelain Tile Floor Tiles
  • Cement Grey Tile
  • 600x600 Grey Color Matte Cheap Tiles
  • 600x600mm/ 24x24'' Wood Grain Matt Tiles
  • 600x1200mm Rustic Matte Flooring Tiles
  • Concrete Gray Floor Tiles

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