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Big Sized Tiles Have Become a New Trend in Ceramic Tiles Industry

- Nov 02, 2017 -

             Big Sized Tiles Have Become a New Trend in Tiles Industry

No matter this year’s Bologna Fair or the 30th Foshan Ceramic Fair, the trend to produce big sized tiles has become the irrevocable fashion.


We can see from this year’s Bologna Fair that products in big size have become the new trend,making up to 15% ~20% of whole exhibition. The biggest size reaches to 1600x3200 mm, and there is obvious increase in size 1200x2400mm, 900x1800mm and 1200x1200mm.


As the most popular tiles exhibition in China,during the 30th Ceramic Bath Fair held from 18th to 21st, Oct, products displayed this time also have tremendous changes. Sizes like 600x600mm and 800x800mm, which are the most common sizes for the past years are seldomly displayed. While 600x1200mm size becomes the normal standard and 900x900mm are promoted by many factories.


According to professionals, the change in sizes of tiles is mainly caused by market request. For todays market, whose main consumers are the generation  after 90' and even after 00's , traditional 600x600mm and 800x800mm sizes cannot meet their demands for new concept of space beauty.Therefore, products in more sizes emerge.


At the same time, after many years prevailing in the market, prices for 600x600mm and 800x800mm become more and more transparent. Motivated by more profit, enterprises would like to develop some new products and search for new opportunities.


Most important is, compared with traditional products in 600x600mm and 800x800mm sizes, new products in 900x900mm and 600x1200mm can better cater for the artistic construction module.


As said by the industry professionals, more important significance for big sized tiles is to break the current structure of tiles industry. Future competition for tiles industry will not only be limited within construction field but also will develop to industrial materials .



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