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Breaking Strength of Ceramic Tiles

- May 08, 2018 -

Breaking strength of ceramic tiles refers to the compressive strength of ceramic tiles.  

Breaking strength is an important performance index of ceramic tile products. If it fails to meet the requirements of national standards, it will affect the compressive strength of ceramic tiles, and ceramic tiles will be created during use. Cracking and breaking affect the use. The modulus of rupture is also an important technical indicator of ceramic tiles. Products with low modulus of rupture can easily cause cracking, cracking or surface defects during use. There are many factors that cause the product to have a low modulus of rupture, mainly because the raw material formulation is unreasonable. The production process such as molding, firing temperature and time is not strictly controlled.

Normally our tiles can meet below breaking strength for tiles products:

Rustic matt tiles: no less than 1300N

Polished porcelain tiles: no less than 2100 N

  • Natural Stone Porcelain Floor Tiles
  • 900x1800mm/ 36x72'' Polished Tiles
  • Terrazzo Tiles Full Polished Porcelain
  • Porcelain Floor Tiles
  • Marble Look 1:1 Granite Tiles
  • Natural Stone Tiles

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