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Can Radioactive Class A Tiles Be Used For Home Improvement ?

- May 24, 2018 -

Tile radiation refers to the phenomenon that ceramic tiles contain radioactive substances, of which the radioactivity of glazed tiles is more pronounced. Glazed tile is applied to the tile base with a layer of glaze. The surface of the tile is varied in color and rich in patterns and patterns. The raw materials of glazed tiles are mostly from potash-bearing minerals such as feldspar and mica. These minerals contain certain radioactive materials such as uranium and plutonium. It is still radioactive after physicochemical processes such as crushing and sintering. And in order to make the surface of ceramic tile clean and smooth, the radioactive material of zircon sand is often added, which also makes some ceramic tiles have higher radioactivity.

Tiles are divided into A, B, C, etc. according to the radioactivity of ceramic tiles.

Class A is not limited in scope of use and can be used in all areas of home improvement.

Class B decoration materials shall not be used for the interior surfaces of Class I civil buildings, but may be used for the exterior surfaces of Class I civil buildings and the interior and exterior finishes of all other buildings.

Class C decoration materials can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings and other outdoor uses.

So as long as the tile's radioactive level reaches class A, it can be used with confidence.

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