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Ceramic Tile

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a plate or block ceramic product produced from clay and other inorganic non-metallic raw materials through molding, sintering and other processes. It is used to decorate and protect the walls and floors of buildings and structures. It is usually molded at room temperature by dry pressing, extrusion or other molding methods, then dried and fired at a certain temperature.

Ceramic tiles can be divided into five categories according to water absorption, namely porcelain tiles, tantalum tiles, tantalum tiles, enamel tiles, and ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate of more than 10% are commonly referred to as interior wall tiles on the market and are widely used for wall decoration of residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, and public places, and are the main products of interior decoration. Ceramic tiles with a water absorption of less than 0.5%, also known as vitrified tiles, are used for floor covering, which are mostly surface-polished and are therefore also known as polished tiles. It is widely used in the ground decoration of various buildings and is also the main product of interior decoration. Part of the ceramic tile with a water absorption of 0.5% to 10% is used for exterior wall decoration, and some of it is mainly used for interior floor decoration. It is mostly used in bathrooms and is used together with interior wall tiles.

According to the forming method, the ceramic tile is divided into an extruded ceramic tile and a dry pressed ceramic tile. Among them, dry-pressed ceramic tiles are divided into porcelain tiles according to water absorption (E≤0.5%), tantalum tiles (0.5%<E≤3%), fine tantalum tiles (3%≤E≤6%), enamel tiles (6% ≤ E ≤ 10%) and ceramic bricks (E> 10%).

According to whether or not glazed glazed tiles and unglazed tiles. The tiles are divided into glazed tiles and unglazed tiles in glazed condition. Glazed tiles are mainly used for floor decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, and are used in conjunction with interior wall tiles. 

According to the classification of materials, according to its absorption rate is divided into porcelain tiles, its water absorption rate is ≤ 0.5%), enamel tiles, its water absorption rate between 0.5% to 10%. Classification according to the characteristics of the application, mainly divided into ceramic tile, glazed interior wall tiles, ceramic tiles. Because of their different characteristics, especially their physical and chemical properties, their use has many functions, that is, their functions are different, and their characteristics are outstanding. Plays great results in different aspects.

Unglazed tiles are mostly surface-polished, so they are also called polished tiles. Polished tiles absorb less than 0.5%, also known as porcelain tiles or vitrified tiles. The polished ceramic tile has a smooth surface like a mirror and is a high-grade ceramic product. The buildings decorated with polished bricks are magnificent and luxurious. Its price is higher, and the decorative living room works well.

  • Italian Design Marble Gray Porcelain Tile
  • Big Size Porcelain Tiles
  • 900x1800mm/ 36x72 inch Granite Floor Tiles
  • 600x1200mm Full Body Marble Tiles
  • 95°Glossiness Marble Tiles
  • Nano Flooring Tiles

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