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Data for first 10 months of China Imports and Exports

- Nov 15, 2017 -

According to data from China Customs, in the first 10 months of this year, gross value of trade in goods is 22.52 trillion in RMB(same as follows ) , 15.9% higher than same phase of last year. Value for exports is 12.41 trillion, 11.7% higher than last year; value for imports is 10.11 trillion, 21.5% higher than last year. Trade surplus is 2.3 trillion, decreasing 17.8% .


In October,  total value for imports and exports is 2.24 trillion, increasing 10.2%. Among this, value for exports is 1.25 trillion, increasing 6.1% (expected data is 7%, previous one was 9%); value for imports is 0.9940 trillion, increasing 15.% ( expected data is 17.5%, previous one was 19.5% ); trade surplus is 0.25447 trillion, decreasing 20.3%.  



1.Value for common trade increased.

In the first 10 months, imports and exports for China’s common trade is 12.73 trillion, increasing 18%, sharing 56.5% of total trade and is 1% higher than same phase of last year. Among this,exports is 6.77 trillion, increasing 12%; imports is 5.96 trillion, increasing 25.6%; trade surplus is 0.80285 trillion, decreasing 37.9%. At the same time, value for processing trade is 6.49 trillion, increasing 11.4%, sharing 28.8% of total trade, decreasing 1.2% than last year; among this, exports value is 4.13 trillion, increasing 10.1%, imports value sis 2.36 trillion, increasing 13.6%; trade surplus is 1.77 trillion, increasing 5.8%.


On the other hand, value for special exports and imports under supervision of Customs is 2.36 trillion, increasing 15.8% and shares 10.5% of our total trade. Among this , exports value is 0.75259 trillion, increasing 6.7%, sharing 6.1% of total exports; imports value is 1.6 trillion, increasing 20.6, sharing 15.9% of total imports.


2.Imports and exports to Europe,America, Japan and ASEAN have fast increasing.

In the first 10 months, total value of trade between China and Europe is 3.4 trillion, increasing 16.2% and shares 15.1% of our total trade of imports and exports. Value for trade between China and America is 3.21 trillion, increasing 17.2%, sharing 14.2% of total trade. Value for trade between China and ASEAN  is 2.8 trillion,increasing 18.5%, sharing 14.2% of total trade. Value for trade between China and Japan is 1.67 trillion, increasing 14.2% and shares 7.4% of total trade.  


3. Proportion for imports and exports from private enterprises increases.

In the first 10 months, imports and exports for our private enterprises is 8.66 trillion, increasing 17.1% and shares 38.4% of our total imports and exports trade, increasing 0.3% than same phase of last year.  Among this, exports value is 5.79 trillion, increasing 13.8%, sharing 46.7% of total exports and remains as the biggest proportion of whole exports. imports value is 2.87 trillion, increasing 24.4% and shares 28.4% of total imports. During the same period, imports and exports for foreign-invested enterprises is 10.09 trillion, increasing 13.1% and shares 44.8% of our total value of imports and exports. Among this, exports value is 5.34 trillion, increasing 10%, and shares 43% of total exports; imports value is 4.75 trillion, increasing 16.7% and shares 46.9% of total imports.


4. Electromechanical products and labor-intensive products are majority of exportation.

In the first 10 months, exports for our electromechanical products is 7.16 trillion, increasing 12.4%, sharing 57.7% of total exports.Among this, exports for electric and electronic products is 3.19 trillion,increasing 10.3%; exports for mechanical equipment is 2.09 trillion, increasing 14.8%.

During same period, exports for clothing is 0.88803 trillion, increasing 3.2%; exports for textile is 0.61241 trillion, increasing 7.5%; exports for shoes is 0.27344 trillion, increasing 8.8%; exports for furniture is 0.27531 trillion, increasing 9.5%; exports for plastic products is 0.21401 trillion, increasing 13.8%; exports for luggage and bags is 0.14908 trillion, increasing 13.1%; exports for toys is 0.13748 trillion, increasing 43.7%. Exports for above mentioned 7 labor-intensive products is 2.55 trillion, increasing 8.6%, making a proportion of 20.5% of total exports.


5.Both quantity and price increases for bulk commodity like iron ore, crude oil and natural gas.

In the first 10 months, China imported iron ore 0.896 billion tons, increasing 6.3%, average price is RMB 488.9/ ton, increasing 36.2%; imported crude oil 0.349 billion tons, increasing 11.8%, average price is RMB 2567.9/ton, increasing 31.5%; imported refined oil 24.35 billion tons, increasing 4.7%, average price is RMB 3248.3/ton, increasing 26.7%;imported natural gas 54.16 billion tons, increasing 24.9%, average price is RMB 2250.5/ ton, increasing 14.1 %;imported steel 10.96 billion tons,increasing 0.5%, average price is RMB 7629.8/ton, increasing 17.2% .


Furthermore, China imported electromechanical products RMB 4.66 trillion, increasing 14.9%; among this 1.01 billion automobile,increasing 19.6%.


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