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Differences Between Polished Tiles and Glazed Polished Tiles

- May 08, 2018 -

Differences Between Polished Tiles and Glazed Polished Tiles

1.Polished tiles are full body tiles,  after being polished on the surface of the green body,    form bright surfaces.

2.Glazed tiles are a kind of special tiles that are polished on the glaze layer. They are     both smooth and glazed.

3.Polished tiles are  more resistant, glazed tiles have only a glaze on the surface, and the wear resistance is relatively low.

4.The surface of the glazed tiles is more resistant to dirt, and the polished tiles have more holes that absorb stains.

5.The surface pattern of the polished tile is relatively single, mostly solid color, while the polished glazed tile can make a variety of patterns, a variety of styles.

6.Compared with polished glazed tiles, the price of polished tiles is much cheaper and more cost-effective, but the location of toilets and other places with high moisture content must use polished glazed tiles.

7.Polished tiles have relatively poor anti-fouling properties, and dirt can penetrate into bricks. Glazed tiles have a layer of enamel on the surface that is more resistant to dirt.

8.The wear resistance of the polished tiles is better, and the surface enamel of the glazed tiles is easy to wear, and the antifouling power of the glazed tiles is not lost once they are worn out.

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