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Difficulty in Making Breakthrough of Big Sizes in Early Years

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Difficulty in Making Breakthrough of Big Sizes in Early Years

It is not a smooth way for China Tiles to achieve for big sizes.

In the year 1993, China has become number one with the biggest tiles capacity in the world. However, the main products were still in small sizes .While 600x600mm size had already become main trend in the abroad consuming markets.


Main reason for this sistuation is, China can only manufacture small pressing machine. Until year 1995,the biggest pressing machine produced by China’s Tiles Industry was YP600 by Shiwan. And also in the year 1995, bigger pressing machine YP1000 was developed by Xianyang Research Institute. Some developed countries with advanced technology like Italy, Spain and Germany blocked their technical output to China as they fear China tiles over fast growing speed.


Because of limitation on pressing machine and polishing machine, until the year 1999, China’s main tiles products were all small sizes. The first generation of China’s colorful glazed tiles and the second generation of anti-slip tiles were mainly in sizes of 200x200mm, 300x300mm and 400x400mm. In the year 1990, Foshan Shiwan Tiles Enterprises introduced the biggest production lines for polished tiles at that time. China’s tiles industry entered the era of polished tiles, while the sizes still were 300x300mm, 400x400mm and 500x500mm. Even in the year 1998, when crystal tiles prevailed,main size was still 500x500mm.

During this time,although some companies imported facility from abroad and produced 600x600mm size, the cost was extremely high and only few powerful companies had this ability to import large-tonnage pressing machine from Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan, so 600x600mm was not common at that time.


In the year 1999, KEDA successfully developed pressing machine KD3200, becoming the biggest pressing machine in China at that time. This pressing machine could press two pieces 600x600mm and two pieces 400x800mm glazed floor tiles and one piece 600x600mm porcelain tiles. This KD3200 pressing machine ended the situation that China can only import large-tonnage pressing machine from abroad. Form then on, China’s tiles industry entered the era of 600x600mm.

Four years later, in the year 2002, KEDA developed another pressing machine KD4800, successfully enhancing the pressing size of tiles to be  800x800mm . Since then 600x600mm and 800x800mm prevail in China’s tiles market for more than 10 years.


Proportion of domestic pressing machine in the market grows rapidly and finally replaced imported pressing machine, becoming the mainstream of China’s tiles industry .Up to today, it is over 90%.

China never stop the way to purse big sizes for tiles. In the year 2006 KEDA developed MODULO6800 to press ceramic sheet in size 900x1800x5.5mm, opening the new era of big size. In the year Mona Lisa  Group launched the first production line with dry pressing in China and produced the first piece of 900x1800x5.5mm sheet and made it into mass production. In December, 2015, Heng li tai self-developed the first tens of hundreds tonnage pressing machine in Asia YP10000 and in February , 2016, Mona Lisa produced the first piece in size 2400x1200mm with YP10000. In July 2016,KEDA’s first tens of hundred tonnage pressing machine- KD10008 launched production in E Mei Golden Tiles Co.,LTD. In March, 2017, also from Heng li tai, YP16800 was launched production in Mona Lisa Group and successfully made ceramic sheet in size 1220x2440 mm.


From the second half year of 2016,big sized tiles have been prevailing in large scale . On the 29th Foshan Ceramic &Bath Fair, companies like ASA, BODE, LABOBO, MONA LISA displayed tiles in big sizes including 600x1200mm,800x1800mm, 900x1800mm, 1200x2400mm, 1000x3000mm, 1500x3000mm and 1600x3200mm. To 30th Foshan Ceramic & Bath Fair, big sizes have already become the main trend promoted by the industry.


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