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“Digital Glaze Spraying ”, the next revolutionary product in the ceramic Tile industry?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

In the 2018 ceramic material technology exhibition, the once-concept product “Digital Glaze” was very eye-catching at this year's exhibition. The color glaze companies with strong R&D strength at home and abroad adopted it as an important promotion product.


Digital glazing can accurately control the cost of enamel while eliminating the need for special surface effects. "Digital Glaze" will become the industry's next revolutionary product.


The newly introduced three types of digital glazing inks: ultra-white glaze inks, color developing glaze inks, and protective glaze inks have attracted the attention of domestic and foreign merchants.

Ultra-white glaze inks

Mainly used to increase the whiteness of tiles, which can increase the whiteness at least by 15 degrees compared to normal. According to Zhang Tianjie, executive deputy general manager of China Guo Kang Litai, in order to realize the effect of ultra-white glaze ink whitening, the National Ceramics Group's nano-zirconia was used.


Color Developing Inks:

It mainly promotes the color of the tiles and enhances the color of the dark tile ink jets by more than 30%, especially for black and reddish brown products. Can make the product texture clearer and more layered.


Protective glaze ink:

For adjusting the texture and gloss of the product, the glossiness of the tile can be adjusted within a range of 3 degrees to 25 degrees, so that the tiles can be easily switched between matte, soft light and bright light.


At present, the size of digital glazing ink has reached nanoscale, the average particle size is only 0.5μm (500nm), and the general glaze ink particle size is within 3μm (3000nm), the domestic mainstream nozzle size is generally 30μm (30000nm). The inner diameter of the digital nozzle is generally 80μm (80000nm) or more. Based on the application of nanotechnology, the performance of the digital glazing ink has been greatly improved, with the advantages of small particle size, uniformity, high purity, good dispersion, no or less agglomeration, etc., all kinds of large ink nozzles can be Flexible use.

In the production process, digital glazing is more cost-effective, and can accurately control the amount of glazing, making the amount of enamel in the body uniform and stable in color development. At the same time, digital glazing inks contribute to the use of effect glazes, and special surface effects can be achieved without the use of molds, which will facilitate the enterprises to achieve flexible production.


In China's ceramic ink-jet layout, although the development period of digital spray glaze is not long, it is rapidly expanding. Currently, the market trend of domestic digital spray glaze represented has been formed.

Since 2016, the development of digital glazing inks has undergone more than two years of technical research and production inspection, and it is now in volume production. This broke the monopoly of foreign digital enamel products and made ceramic inks a big step forward. Intelligentization of the Chinese ceramics industry has also become possible.


The intelligentization of ceramic products needs three stages to realize: the first stage is the intelligentization of the ceramic color process, which is mainly achieved through the ceramic color ink; the second stage is the intelligentization of the tile texture effect process, which is achieved through functional ink; The third stage is the intelligentization of the glazed process. The emergence of digital spray glaze is to solve this problem.


In this year's industrial exhibition, in addition to Kang Litai, Torrecid , Yangzi and many other domestic and foreign color glaze companies have demonstrated digital spray glaze products. In this regard, the new digital spray glaze has become a hot product for color glaze companies, and this category may bring about tremendous changes for the industry. Just like ink-jet technology, many people waited and watched ten years ago, and ten years later became an industry explosion.




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