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Few steps to check and accept the tiles paving in winter.

- Dec 23, 2017 -

Whether it is suitable to pave tiles in house decoration is the topic with hot concern to everyone recently.The change of the seasons will have an impact on the tile paving, especially in cold and dry winter when paving need to be paid special attention. Of course, it is ok to carry out construction in winter as long as the temperature is not too low. Also pay attention that the sand should be carefully sieved, protect the material antifreeze, anti-cracking, maintain good air circulation ...



At the same time, the selection of ceramic tiles is very important, not to neglect the test. After the tile is applied, it is not over yet. We should carry out a careful inspection and do not allow any flaws. What is the standard for tile acceptance ? After tiles are paved, we should pay attention to these three steps: look, knock and test.

The first step: we must have a careful look.2.jpg

The first step of tiles acceptance is also the intuitive step. Usually deviation within 2 mm is considered acceptable. Gap larger than 2 mm will affect the appearance. In addition, the flatness inspection should also be noted whether there is skew, missing edge off angle, cracks, discoloration of pan-alkali, stains and other issues. Remaining sewn at the seam hook should be even, tile paving arrangement should have straight and tidy edges.

                  The second step: Knock at the tiles 


Knocking is a good way to check if the tile is hollow .Hollowing is a headache problem no mater when we are paving tiles for wall or floor. Usually a small hammer or small iron can be used to gently tap the corners and the middle of the tile to detect the presence of empty drum sound. If the sound is crisp, it is normal; if the sound is empty, it is hollowed, and the decoration quality is unqualified. (Do not listen to the bricklayer or decoration company to say how much the hollow rate of words, it is foolish)

The third step: Measure the size


Use a square ruler or other measuring tools, place it in the corner. When the deviation is within 3mm it is normal! In addition tile paving can not ignore slope on the balcony, bathroom and to guarantee smooth drainage . Sprinkle some water on the floor ,where  there is ponding, the floor it uneven.  

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