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Few Tips to Pave Wall Tile

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Few Tips to Pave Wall Tile

Generally construction party will first spread the wall tiles, and then spread the floor tiles so that it will not affect the wall tiles and delay the construction period.Paving wall tiles generally start from the side of the sun horns or windows and doors, and proceed from bottom to top and from left to right.

1.Soaking water  

   Inside the tile there are a lot of tiny gaps that have some water absorption. If not directly soaked      with water or soaking water, tiles will absorb water from the cement, making the gap between the    ceramic tile and the cement part, and the adhesion is not firm, resulting in empty drums, tiles          falling off and other issues. The kitchen bathroom tiles, the most used is the ceramic tile with          water absorption >10%, this tile must be soaked before the paving. Floor tiles have a water            absorption rate of less than 0.5%, so no water soaking is required before laying.

   Tile soaked water to do: completely soaked in clean water, the time is generally more than 30          minutes, the specific time to tile soaked in water does not take the time to bubble prevail. Tiles        that soaked in water cannot be sold twice, and merchants do not accept returns. Therefore, in        order to avoid wasting, it is imperative for workers to calculate the amount of water and how            much to soak.


   The wall should be inspected and cleaned before the tiling. If the wall has cracks, it must be            treated first. When laying the wall tiles, the construction team often puts putty on the wall. If the      putty is not scraped off, it will be directly tiled. The safety hazard is very large. The cement is so      strong that the putty does not hang on the cement, which can easily cause the tiles to fall off.



   Make a pre-paving of the tiles before paving. If you wait until you reach a certain level, you will        find that the effect of tile bricks is not good and the proportion is inconsistent. Removing the re-      paving will cause unnecessary wear and waste.


   The correct choice of cement marking and mixing ratio of cement sand. Improper mixing ratio of      cement sand or excessively high cement number will lead to cracking of tiles, a large proportion      of cement, strong bonding strength of tiles, and bricks can quickly get stuck, but the mixing ratio      of cement is high and the coefficient of expansion of cement mortar is large. It is easy to crack        bricks after laying. The proposed ratio is 1:3 for wall tiles, 1:2 for floor tiles, and cement number      32.5 for cement.

3. Cleaning

    When paving the tiles, the excessive adhesive material in the tile joint should be promptly wiped     clean, and the stains on the tile should be wiped off with wet cotton cloth. Do not wait until the         adhesive material is hard and then wipe and clean. It can not only be cleaned. If you scrape with     a hard object, it will damage the glaze. After the adhesive material is solidified, the joint can be       brushed with white cement, gypsum plaster or color paste, and the mortar can be evenly wiped       and filled with cotton yarn.

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