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Full Polish Tiles

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Full polished glazed tile is a special formula glaze that can be polished in the glaze. It is the last glaze applied to antique tiles. At present, it is generally transparent glazed or transparent convex glazed glaze. Glazed polished glazed tiles combine the advantages of polished tiles with antique tiles.

The glazed tile is smooth and bright like a polished tile, while its glaze color is rich in patterns like rustic tiles, and the colors are heavy or beautiful.

Surface Features:

Touch by hand, the surface is bright and smooth, smooth and non-convex, bright and translucent, and the underglazed stone grain texture is clear and natural. After being fused with the upper transparent glaze, it is like a layer of transparent crystal glaze film covering, making the overall level more three-dimensional.

Producing Technique:

Full glazed glaze is underglazed and full glazed tiles are glazed tiles. Full-glazed glaze is a kind of special formula glaze that can perform the polishing process in the glaze. Its blank body process is similar to the general glazed floor tile. The main difference is that it is printed after applying the bottom glaze, and then a layer of transparent The surface glaze, after firing, throws away the entire surface glaze, leaving part of the glaze layer, the printing layer, and the bottom glaze. The main goal of full brick throwing is to replace the polished tile.

The main advantages of the full glazed tile manufacturing process: full polished glazed tile body without high-quality raw materials, the surface layer as long as there is about 0.5-1mm glaze layer on it. The polished tile also requires 2-3mm fine material; the embossed tile pattern emulation is easy to do and the cost is low. Full glazed tile production is more environmentally friendly, because the firing speed of the glaze layer is faster, and the energy consumption is lower. The energy consumption of polished glaze is lower than that of polishing, and the output is also higher.

Main Features:

More Colors:

After high temperature firing tile, pattern color texture is dialysis color, not the rough pattern on the surface of ordinary tiles, but can not see, touch the special coloring muscle pattern, colorful, variety of colors, natural texture. Full glazed products can be polished or not polished to meet the preferences of different consumer groups.

More Durable:

Generally polished tiles have been used for a long time and are easy to be matte; rustic tiles have been used for a long time, and the glaze layer on the surface is relatively thin and easily worn. The transparent glazed tile that has been polished by glazed tiles is relatively thick and does not easily wear out, so its service life is 3 times that of ordinary micro-powder tiles.

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