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Fullbody Marble Tiles

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Fullbody Marble Tiles

What is Full Body Marble Tiles?

Fullbody marble tile is an upgraded product of marble tile with large tile body and surface texture color basically consistent. The appearance of natural stone is consistent with that of the inner slab. However, traditional marble tiles are difficult to achieve this effect. Therefore, when deep processing, such as drawing, chamfering, arcing, etc., is processed later, the interior can be clearly seen. The color of the blank, and the tile glazed effect formed a huge contrast, it seems very incongruous, it is regrettable. The whole body marble tile production process and system is to improve this problem, to make the color and texture of the blank body to be close to the surface effect, even the same, so that the true table and the same.

Advantages of Fullbody Marble Tiles:

1. All-in-one marble tiles on the tile body, the color, texture and function are infinitely close to the qualitative effect of the natural stone rock, and the texture is more transparent.

2. The combination of full three-dimensional fabric and color mixing and coloring process makes the whole body of the marble tile blank from the bottom to the surface glaze layer be the same. The whole brick body can achieve the perfect texture rendering effect from any angle and any cutting method. Whole texture

3, Whole body marble tile products are pressed and formed at a high tonnage press and fired at a high temperature. The finished product has a more delicate color and higher performance and quality.

4, higher grade! The appearance of the natural stone is consistent with that of the inner slab. The natural marble tiles restore the natural precious stones, further bringing the distance between the tile products and the natural marble products closer.

5, tile blanks filled with changing textures, products and space full of soul, not only designers like to make the effect of natural elegance, to better meet consumer needs

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