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Glazed Full Polished Tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Glazed full polished tile is a kind of tile that have one special glaze on the surface .It is a good combination of polish tile and rustic matte tile with advantage of as bright and clean as polished tiles and can reveal as many rich colors and designs as antique matte tile.


Products Features of glossy polished tile :

Glazed full polished tile gathered advantages of polished tile, rustic tile and wall tile. The product completely release implicit of dull dark glazed tiles, solve the defects of easy to hide dirt of lapato products, have same glossiness and hardness of polished tile and same time have high imitation effect of rustic tile and rich printing effect of wall tile.




Contrast glazed tiles and other ordinary tiles, take a look, touch the feel then we can say the difference ! Glossiness of single product can reach as high as 104 degrees, the average is 94 degrees; touch: Touch the glaze you can feel fine and smooth texture.Glazed full polished tile is covered by one layer of transparent glaze, this glaze contains  "nano-alumina",which not only maintains the brightness of the product but also enhances the surface of wear resistance.The product can be placed anywhere of wall and floor space .

Advantage of full polished tile:

1. Full polishing glaze is a kind of special glaze on which we can carry out polishing process.

2. Biggest advantage of this glaze is being transparent and not covering the color and design beneath it. While only a very thin layer of glaze is polished away during polishing process.

3. From a technical point of view,there are mainly two producing technology of glazed full polished tile. One is adopted by former micro glasses enterprises,print the design first and heap glaze later.This way makes thick transparent glaze layer on the surface and makes products look more three-dimensional and transparent, easier to be polished.  The other way is used by some rustic tile manufacture, to print all the colors and design once. This technique have low cost and makes products more vivid, only disadvantage is easily to be over polished because of glaze is too thin.

4. As a new production process,glazed full polish tile is not perfect from levels of material,machine or technique, such as wearing,fouling and revealing of bottom basis. On the other hand, the new technology is perfect in the constant development and experiment.

High Glossiness

high glossiness.jpg

Good Flatness

Flatness -1.jpg

Disadvantage of glazed full polish tile :

Hardness and density of glazed full polish tile is not as good as polished tile, but practice proved that glazed polished tile is as wear-resistant as polished tile and is doing much better on anti-pollution than polished tile. Pattern of glazed full polish tile is more active and can reveal authentic and vivid design that polished tile cannot do. Regarding glossiness, glazed full polished can reach an even higher level that polished tiles cannot go beyond.

Development Trend of High Gloss Polished Tile:

Although producing for glazed full polish tile request more rigorous technology ,according to industrial experts,future market prospects very well and will gradually occupy the market as a tyrant of tiles industry. 

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