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Glossy glaze, satin glaze, carved glaze, functional glaze-- five major focus of ceramic glaze development in year 2018.

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Glossy glaze, satin glaze, carved glaze, functional glaze-- five major focus of ceramic glaze development in year 2018.

Glossy Glaze

Looking back at the ceramic glaze market in 2017, glossy glaze still dominates the market, including full cast glaze, thick cast glaze, and a small portion of ceramic and ceramic frit, which make up glazed tile products of 60-70%. Polished tiles less and less market share, because there is no profit, manufacturers and channel operators are reluctant to continue to put too much energy in this section.

In addition, the billet of the full body marble product also drives the listing of some enterprises' whole body marble products, setting off no small influence on the market.

In 2018, the glazed tile product market should still be based on bright products. However, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the market of bright products, profits are becoming increasingly slim. Some leading innovators are slowly giving up high-gloss products and turning to antique glazes, satin glazes and some functional glazes for more profit margins.

In general, high-gloss products in 2018 will make a part of the market share of antique products, satin glaze and some functional glaze, carved glaze will show a greater burst.

Rustic Glaze

In 2017 the development of the antique glaze market has come out of a path of continuous expansion. Antique glaze and subdivided into soft satin glaze, and even derived carved glaze, functional glaze, such as: negative ion glaze, sterilization glaze, are the market in the search for breakthrough point burst some new attempts.

In the antique products, modern antique brick is a hot 2017 category, the modern antique brick to design the overall style of its simplicity, matching the elegant colors, all the different elements of their applications, the formation of the overall style , The performance of a variety of styles of modern antique series products family, in 2017 formed a sudden emergence of product categories, the current strong antique modern brick, a great sweeping the industry trend.

In 2018, all antique new products will show an expansion trend, and the market for full-finished glaze products will be partially contracted because many manufacturers will shift to new categories with better profit margins without producing much profit from such products . For example, antique products now appear on a high water absorption full cast glaze, this product is good profit margins, the market is also taking the amount of large, the product can both wall, but also suitable for laying, or will gradually replace part of the tiles Market.


In 2017, the ink market continues to expand. Based on the basic ink category, a number of functional inks and functional inks are derived. The improvement of glaze and its matching use have also promoted the innovation of ceramic product categories and the promotion of product innovation Category extension.

Wall Tiles 

The impact of the environmental storm in 2017 on the ceramic industry was even more pronounced. Some of the glazes required for the production of ceramic tiles, such as frit glaze, were in short supply because of the shutdown of Shandong frit businesses, Industry caused no small impact.

It is estimated that the impact of environmental protection on the industry will continue in 2018. After the transformation, the supply of raw materials will not be tense but the cost will increase, including raw materials and glaze products. However, as long as the manufacturers to ensure that products have good quality, to a certain extent, enhance the added value of products to protect the participation in all aspects of production have a reasonable profit, consumers will accept.

In addition, some large-scale antique brick manufacturers will use the adjustment of product specifications to nibble the market. For example, 300 × 600 (mm), 200 × 800 (mm), 300 × 900 (mm), 400 × 800 (mm) and other specifications will replace some ceramic products. Since many antique brick production lines are also turning to some products to replace porcelain tiles, the future competition in the porcelain tile market will be even more intense and some new changes will take place.

However, the ceramic tiles also have their irreplaceable functions, the total amount should not have changed a lot, because China's real estate and rural markets is still very broad, although sales will not increase a lot, but it will not decline rapidly, the market will be relatively Smooth operation, the final share will be determined by the consumer.

Big Slate Tiles

Throughout 2017, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, the industry has been hotly discussing the development and promotion of ceramic slab products. The current situation, the ceramic plate technology has matured, some manufacturers have mass-produced products, is to market. Trying to do big board business, from ceramic design and use of decorative panels and other aspects of a lot of resources, the market is slowly accepted, although the price a little expensive, but the decorative effect of using a lot of bright spots.

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