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How can negative ion tiles be better developed?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

The reason why anion tiles have become a new industry enthusiasm is mainly because of consumption upgrades, and health and environmental protection issues have caused consumers to attach great importance to it.

In fact, careful observation of the industry is not difficult to find, the tile industry often appears 2-3 years a "lost period", that is, everyone does not know what to do at this time is good, although it looks like the market is still good, but all people are beginning Watch and do not know where to go.

From 1999, the gold flower seepage tiles, to the 2002 “anti-powder”, to the 2005 “thin line fabric”, Pilates, behind the full glaze, marble, large plate, almost every few In the past year, the ceramic tile industry was invariably subject to a general confusion. Next, a new technology, or the technology that was once reserved, will appear to follow the trend of the industry. In 2016, special ceramics began to launch negative ion tile products on a large scale. In fact, it has been used for more than 10 years for this technology. However, it is not a time when it is like a large ceramic plate. China has made products since 2005, but it is actually applied. After more than ten years, many products are not technical problems. Instead, the market demand at each stage is different.


Is negative ion tiles healthy and environmentally friendly?

Ceramics integrate nature, “gold, wood, water, fire, and earth” in one. In fact, negative ion ceramic tile is essentially the same as the principle of ceramic tile simulation of natural minerals. Ceramic tile itself is a process of production simulation of natural mineral materials, and various inorganic materials are reasonable. The chemical composition, after high temperatures formed a similar stone-like inorganic materials, including the color of the tiles - imitating the stone, but also the ancient mainstream. The mechanism of negative ion tiles is also to simulate which natural minerals can help increase the content of negative ions in the air, thus mimicking the minerals and physicochemical properties of the natural material, and increasing the content of air negative ions.
In industries such as home appliances, automobiles, textiles, and coatings that use negative ion materials, environmental testing has proven that negative ions help improve air quality, degrade harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC, and improve the health of the environment itself. Compared with these industries, there is no doubt that tiles are very close to natural materials, and they have advantages. Long-term, continuous, inorganic materials that do not require the application of specific energy sources can improve the environment without increasing energy consumption. A very valuable and development potential for tile products.

Anion Tiles Should Set Standards

1.Respect intellectual property

2.Respect science

3.Respect standards

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