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How to avoid cracking when punching tiles?

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Punching on paved tiles will  easily lead to cracking. If you accidentally hit the empty drums, the tiles are more likely to break and fall off. How can I make a smooth hole without damaging the tile? In fact, the occurrence of enamel, cracking, etc., is mostly caused by irregular drilling operations. If we want to punch holes without cracking tiles, we should pay attention to the following points.

1.Punching position

It is best to choose the joint of two tiles in the punching position. If it is not suitable, it can be in the middle of the tile. It must not be selected on the edge of a tile, which makes it easy to break the tile.

After determining the position, mark with a grease pen or pencil.

2.Use the correct tool

It is generally believed that it is better to use a concrete drill bit for the drilled hole of the tile. The special drill bit for the tile and the glass drill bit should be used.

The drill bit is preferably a hollow tubular diamond drill bit, followed by a tiled drill bit like a bow arrow. At present, there are arrow-shaped drill bits for ceramic drilling on the market, which is more convenient and quicker.

3.Control speed

In addition to the tools, controlling the speed is also critical. At the beginning of the opening, the speed should be low, and the glazed surface can be appropriately increased after the drilling.

4.Control the tile hole size

When using a glass drill to punch holes in the tile, first make a small pit in the direction of the tilt. If you want to be precise, you can use a plate (tile strip) that has holes (small size) to position it. After you have a shallow mark, you can remove it, and then open the hole to be punched. But remember: this hole must be 1.5-2mm larger than the hole actually used.

5.Continuous watering

Water is added during the drilling process, otherwise the drill bit is easy to burn off.

6.Punching force need to be balance

When punching, do not use too much force, and do not shake the drill from side to side.

7.Drill blockage should be cleared

Every time you make a hole, remove the drill bit and unblock the hollow part of the blocked drill bit. This is especially true for full tiles.

8.Be careful with electricity safety

Wear insulated gloves when using the rig.

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