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How to clean the bathroom tiles

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  How to clean the bathroom tiles

  Family bathroom, is a unique, quiet harbor. However, how to keep a good bathroom clean is a headache. In fact, this is not grasping the result of cleaning, bathroom tiles then how to clean the bathroom tiles? Then let us provide some relevant information, I hope to help you.

  Tiles in the use of the process often loose, off and other issues, because the current tile paste used by the cement mortar bonding fastness is not enough, and long-term in a humid environment, so easy to loose and fall off. bathroom tiles There is a method of using a resin-based adhesive to bond the tiles, not only to achieve or exceed the strength of the tiles, but also for a long time in a humid environment will not cause loss.

  Bathroom tiles are often greasy, rust, soap and other stains, in order to keep porcelain surface clean and not damage the porcelain surface bright, you can use multi-functional cleaning cream clean. As for the tile gap, you can use a brush dipped in a little detergent to remove dirt, and then at the gap brush a waterproof agent can not only prevent water and can prevent mold growth.

  After the shower, easily adjust the nozzle to the cold water level, a little spray to the surrounding walls, you can remove the watermark on the tiles. bathroom tiles Close to the ground a few rows of tiles more difficult to clean, prone to yellow water alkaline dirt, even the brush is difficult to clear. At this time, you can clean the toilet with the toilet spirit into the water spray, from top to bottom sprayed on the tile, after 10 minutes, bathroom tiles with a brush to clean up on it.

  It is worth mentioning that the current large-scale use of clean disinfectants are natural substances that have a great impact on natural stone and other chemical substances, the color of the surface of the stone and the internal mineral composition adverse effects. bathroom tiles Particularly serious is that most of the cleaning agent must be in the stone surface reaction for at least 5 minutes to have effect, but during this time the cleaning agent has been destroyed in the stone, so the cleaning of the bathroom stone surface should be neutral pH detergent.

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