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How to distinguish the cause of tile cracking?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

To distinguish the main reasons for tile cracking, we should focus on the tile cracking area and cracking characteristics.

Multiple locations, irregular cracks:

In general, it is not possible to have problems with the foundation of every wall in a house. The difference in compressive strength between the same batch of tiles is also too low. Therefore, if there are a few wall tiles with irregular cracking, it can basically be determined that there is a relationship with non-standard construction.

Single wall, regular cracks:

If the tile on a single wall shows a horizontal, vertical or oblique regular crack, it can basically be judged as a wall cause.


If the tiles are cracked due to quality problems, they will most likely exhibit a crack like a turtle shell.

Linear cracks:

The coefficient of cement is too high, the coefficient of expansion of the cement mortar and the tile is inconsistent, and the ceramic tile deforms and cracks. This type of crack generally has a linear shape and varies in length.

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