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How to get a better paving for door-to-wall tiles ? Try these 4 options

- May 21, 2018 -

Door-to-wall tile, in short, is to use a floor tile to make a wall, which is an application of the wall on the floor tile. The simple effect of climbing the wall to the atmosphere can be widely used in different home spaces, so it has applications in many homes. In addition to the wall and floor tiles, it is also possible to achieve better decorative effects by cutting or mashing tiles of different specifications and different tile effects in the same series.

1.Use same tiles for both wall and floor 

The simplest way to pave door-to-wall tile is to use the same type of tile in the same scheme on both wall and floor surface to achieve consistent view.



2.Pave half part on the wall

For colorful, texture-rich tiles, floor tiles may look fabulous; for darker tiles, climbing the wall may appear depressing and boring. At this time, you can properly control the area of the climbing wall. If you climb a half wall, the effect will be better.



3.Paving wall and floor with different specifications, tile effect and paving scheme

It is not necessary to use the same tile for wall and floor, using different specifications and plane + convex surface can also achive  pretty and generous effect.

The ground application square, the wall with a long strip is a more common collocation:



4.With waist line

In the similar context of wall and floor tiles, designing a waist line on the wall can enhance the space effect.



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