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How to paste floor tiles around floor drain in the bathroom? Several issues need our attention .

- Dec 11, 2017 -

How to paste floor tiles around floor drain in the bathroom?  Several issues need our attention .

During decoration and renovation process of bathroom, there are too many details need attention. The quality of the paving of bathroom tiles affect the overall aesthetic level and people's comfort experience.If the pavement is too poor, may even lead to leakage of water and other issues in the bathroom. In addition to good waterproof, ventilation and other basic issues, there are many other knacks for tiles paving.

We all know that the slope of the bathroom renovation should be considered before laying tiles. Too large slope affects the installation of toilets and other sanitary ware, while it dose not make sense if the gradient is too small . Besides the slope, how to deal with the floor tiles at the disposal is also very important, we have to guarantee both beautiful design and the smooth flow of water.


Method 1 : Cross-shaped 


Place the floor drain at the center of the cross hairs formed by four pieces adjacent tiles, and align the four corners with the edge of the tile and extend in all directions. This method is very suitable for square floor drain, and the slope looks more natural .


To achieve beautiful effect, some home bathroom use 600mm × 600mm uniform pavement, and use only one side of the glass partition to do the wet and dry separation, the effect is very atmospheric. However, for this big brick, it is rather difficult to find gradient slope, and it is easy to cause hydrops .Because of small friction, it is slippery to cause falling down by carelessness. 

Method 2: Dislocation paving 


Pave the floor tiles in dislocation , leaving the location space of the floor drain, so that the floor looks intact and beautiful.


Usually there is large flow from displacement shower, so it requires the drain not only with fast drainage, but also can filter the hair, and cause no deodorant.

Method 3 : Diagonal cutting method


Choose a suitable location to set the floor drain. Place the floor drain in the middle of one piece of tile, cut it at the extension of its diagonal line.Then pave the tiles at a certain inclination to form a groove, embed the floor drain in the center, this way is easy to let water drain through and better to control correct position.


Method 4 :Four-sided cutting method


Always the seemingly complex program is the most common and most suitable solution. Take the floor drain as the center, and place a square on the edge of the floor drain 6-10 centimeters away. Make a diagonal line from this place and make a slope when tiling.


Mosaic and small black brick, due to their small size, on basis of ensuring the tidy brick under the premise, it is not only easy to find the slope for the floor drain, but also increase the friction of the ground to make the floor non-slip.

Method 5: Dislocation paving method


If the floor drain is located at the edge of the wall, it can be paved with straight-type floor tiles at the edge of the floor, leaving the space directly to the floor drain.


shape There are many shapes of floor drain panels , if you do not buy the floor drain in advance to determine this information, workers will not know how much space to be reserved for the hole. If the size for the hole you reserved is not suitable with the floor drain , it will be very troublesome. So it is better to place the floor drain and pave tiles at same time. 

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