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How to prevent defects in tiles caused by raw materials

- Aug 27, 2018 -

How to prevent defects in tiles caused by raw materials ?

The competition in the current ceramic tiles market is intensifying, and the price war begins to transform into quality competition.

The raw material workshop is the starting point of production, and the quality of raw materials is related to the production quality of all subsequent processes.Defects and preventive measures caused by impurities are worthy of the attention of every tile manufacturer.

1.Slurry impurity

For such impurities, it is necessary to carry out the slag salvage work for each billiard mill during ball milling to reduce the debris in the ball mill; when the slurry is transferred, it is circulated through the 80-100 mesh screen; from the ball mill to the slurry In the process of spraying the spray tower, the slurry should be ironed at least three times; the screen should be inspected regularly to prevent the screen from being broken or perforated, and the impurities are mixed into the slurry; the iron content of the slurry is detected to ensure the iron removal. The slurry contains less than 0.01% iron.

2.Spray tower impurities, caves

For defects such as spray tower impurities and karst caves, the hot blast stove, hot air duct, secondary damper, splitter and other equipment shall be cleaned before dusting, and refractory tile fragments, oxides, coal ash, etc. remaining in various parts shall be Rust, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned, and the tower can be sprayed after the inspection is confirmed by the special person. In the cleaning process of the open tower spray water, the magnetic rod is placed again in the water after washing the tower to see if there is rust. Sizing powder.

3.Impurities from fuel heating

To prevent such problems, first check whether the gas filter mesh meets the requirements. Discharge the phenol water from the gas pipeline once every 2 hours, and check the gas pipeline for water accumulation and clean it. Regularly stop the tower to clean the coke on the gun mouth, reasonably adjust the combustion air ratio to ensure the combustion effect and reduce the spark during the combustion process.

4.Miscellaneous materials, mixed defects

When distributing materials, first check whether the equipment is normal, carefully check and clean the conveying system. When the dark material turns to light color, the conveyor belt must be cleaned thoroughly with water; the rubber tile surface on the belt and the nearby electric box The surface and the bracket angle iron are thoroughly cleaned and purged; the powder box mouth and the hopper mouth are completely covered to avoid the foreign objects flying into the powder box; check the product number and the powder box logo, and protect and cover it. The rear can be fed in the specified powder box.

5.Powder cluster, powder crack defect

It is necessary to strictly control the moisture and particle size of the powder, operate as much as possible according to the requirements, and regularly clean the accumulated powder on each machine and in the crusher and install the sieve in front of each hopper, after the crusher and on the moving bucket of the press. Net, to avoid large particles agglomerate falling into the molding powder.

6.Small white point defect

Before spraying the tower, first spray the water to keep the temperature inside the tower stable, stabilize the pump pressure, adjust the angle of the spray gun, prevent the slurry from being sprayed on the tower top tower, reduce the wall hanging, and wait until the parameters of the instruments reach the predetermined requirements before starting to spray. powder.


Sometimes the micro-powder tile product will have a turtle or concave heart deformation, which is because the bottom temperature of the micro-powder secondary fabric product and the applicable temperature of the fabric formula are different.

Therefore, pay attention to the ingredients, prevent the blockage of the silo and equipment failure, resulting in inaccurate ratio of certain raw materials. Multi-box powder simultaneous batching method can be adopted to reduce the deformation caused by the error of the single powder box; check whether the filling depth of the secondary cloth of the press changes and correct, and avoid the deformation caused by the thickness error of the bottom fabric.

8.Black cave, colored cave

For the problem of karst caves, it is necessary to stop the towers to clean up or use high-pressure wind to clean the smoke pipes and the contents of the furnaces and cold air tanks; each time the ball mills, the wood slag is salvaged, and the 80-100 mesh sieve must be passed over three times during the pulping; Regularly check the screen and find that the damage is replaced immediately. Before the tower is sprayed, the hot air stove, air duct, cold air tank, and rust must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned; the operation of the conveyor belt should be checked to prevent the belt from drifting. If the belt is found to be biased, adjust it in time and add a protective plate at both ends of the conveyor belt; carefully protect the conveyor belt to prevent secondary pollution.

9.Tile defect caused by slurry moisture and unstable flow rate

Generally, the process parameters of the slurry are required to be within a certain range. When the slurry moisture is too large and the flow rate is too small, the tile blank is too slow and brittle, and the bending strength is often not up to standard, and the kiln product is damaged. When the polished tile product is polished, the frying phenomenon often occurs due to the brittleness of the tile. It brings great difficulty to the post-processing; when the slurry moisture is too low, the flow rate is too large, due to the difficulty of dusting the drying tower, the atomized particles are too large, the particle moisture is not stable, under the same pressing pressure The compactness of the tile blank increases, and the oxidation of the tile blank is difficult, resulting in various defects such as black core, poor oxidation, localized large thickness of the firing, and unstable tile size later.

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