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How to Tell the Quality of Wall Tiles

- Apr 05, 2018 -

How to Tell the Quality of Wall Tiles

(1) The distributor shall ask for the quality inspection certificate and quality inspection report of the product.

(2) Perform visual inspection at the site to observe whether the product has obvious defects such as missing sleeves, spots, cracks, axial blister, corrugations, etc. The above defects must not be used.

(3) Hand detection. After the two bricks are clamped by the fingers and hit each other, the sound is crisp and loud and it is a qualified product. The low soundness of the sound must have inherent quality defects.

(4) Perform color difference discrimination. Due to the large number of bricks purchased at a time, if there is a significant color difference between multiple packages, the decoration effect is very much affected. It is necessary to compare the samples of all the packages and observe the changes in the color difference. The color difference can not be selected.

(5) It is necessary to examine the specifications one by one. Products with a size error of more than 0.5 mm and a flatness of more than 0.1 mm will not only increase the difficulty of construction, but also have poor results after renovation and cannot be used for engineering.

(6) Listen to the sound. With hard objects tapping, the more crisp the sound, the higher the porcelainity and the better the quality. Can also be the left hand thumb, index finger and middle finger clip a corner of the tile, easy to hang down, with the right index finger hit the lower part of the tile, such as the voice clear, sweet ears for the top grade, such as sound boring, stagnation for the next product.

(7) Drop test. The water droplets can be on the back of the tile to see how quickly the water spreads after infiltration. In general, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile. On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, the denser the density, and the former the inner quality is excellent.

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  • 600x900 mm Full Body Marble Tiles
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