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How to Test Water Absorption of Tiles ?

- Mar 23, 2018 -

How to Test Water Absorption of Tiles ?


1) Choose a floor tile that needs to be laid in the living room.

2)    Take 2 disposable cups and fill them with water.

2. Tips

1)Mark on the cup indicating the water line

2)Drip one third of the cup on the back of the tile and observe the rate of water absorption

3)Take 30 minutes as the deadline to see how much water is in the two brick absorption cups.

3. Reading Results

It can be found that the quality of two tiles that look similar to each other is very different. The inferior tile has high water absorption rate. The tile surface is cracked due to swelling and the dirt in the water can be easily inhaled. Prolonged use of the tiles causes odors. Therefore, when selecting tiles, it is necessary to pay attention to the index of water absorption. The index of water absorption refers to that ceramic products have a certain ability of absorbing and penetrating water, and the product with lower water absorption rate is better. 

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