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If you do not pay attention to these five points when paving, it will be wastefull for the wood tiles no matter how expensive it is.

- May 24, 2018 -

Due to the production process and specifications, the price of wood grain tiles per unit area will be slightly higher than that of ordinary tiles, and the requirements for post-laying technology will also be higher.


Compared to conventional tiles, wood grain tiles and tile back blanks are generally indicated by arrows. This is because the wood grain tiles have a certain order of texture. They have been marked at the factory to make it easier for construction workers to find the right corners. Each tile is laid flat in the same direction as the back arrow, and the texture is smoother. In order to avoid careless bricklayers neglecting the arrow indications, the pre-paid shop owners and owners can remind.



In addition to the common "I-shaped shop", there are "bone-type", "back-type" and "windmill-type" paving methods for wood grain tiles. However, these practical operations are very troublesome and need to test the professional design level of decoration companies. Paving master craftsmanship, but also with the tile product texture and color, if the operating team is not high, it is recommended to use I-shop or tile and other simple operation of the shop. The characteristics of the wood grain brick itself are very high.


Is the long wood grain tile "vertical" good or "horizontal" good?

Generally choose to stick staggered I-shaped vertical direction of the door, the purpose of doing so from the human perception can extend the visual effect of space, looks more stretch and wanton, "horizontal" is easy to cause visual separation (such as the beauty of thin tall Will look better than chunky). Of course, it is still necessary to match the overall space and furnishings.


In the paving process of wood grain tiles, it is necessary to pay attention to leaving a gap of about 3mm, so that in addition to avoiding the empty bulging caused by the subsequent thermal expansion and contraction of the seamless paving, the effect of paving the gradation can be visually emphasized. It is worth noting that the paving does not require cement to be caulked (the tile will blacken shortly afterwards), and choosing a professional color for the grout does not differ greatly from the color of the wood-grain tile. It is best that the color of the grout is similar to the wood grain tile. Try the effect in the store.

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