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Micro Crystal Tiles

- Dec 22, 2017 -

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Microcrystal stone is known as ceramic glass  composite plate. It is a kind of high-tech products applying a layer of 3-5mm glass-ceramic on the ceramic glass fossil surface.In simple terms ,the biggest difference between micro crystal tiles and other ceramic tiles is that there is  a layer of glass-ceramic in the surface.

Surface characteristics:

Transparent and shiny, full of light, as bright as the mirror is. The texture is full of sense of mobility and change.The line gives the impression of natural beauty and harmony.Touch the surface with your hands, it feels warm and smooth like a jade. Other characteristics are smooth, delicate, glossy glaze brilliant, matte glaze soft and comfortable.


A semi-baked technology, ice crystal jade thickness is up to 3-5mm, product thickness is13 to15mm, Mohs hardness is grade 6 or above. Water absorption on the surface is "zero", enhancing higher density, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistance.

Main specifications:

Usually sizes for micro crystal tiles are : 600 * 600mm, 800 * 800mm, 1000 * 1000mm.No bigger size than this, but if you need smaller one, you can cut into the proper size as you want. Generally there are  two picecs packaged in one box and weighs around 50 kg.

The main classification:

According to the raw materials and production technology,micro crystal tiles can be divided into three categories: full-body micro crystal tiles, micro crystal  composite board (surface is micro crystal and  bottom base is ceramic), non-porous micro crystal tiles ( White glass, nano micro crystal).

Production process :

Micro crystal tiles is composed of specific components of glass particles sintered at high temperature, the internal structure is combined with  glass  and crystalline .The ratio between the two determines the physical and chemical properties and surface properties of the material. The internal crystal phase of microcrystalline stone grows from the interface of glass particles to the center. Due to the different crystal growth direction and the coexistence of two kinds of lithofacies, the brilliant surface pattern is formed.

Advantages of Micro Crystal Tiles:

1. Soft and delicate texture

Micro crystal tile is granite formed under the conditions of high temperature, the crystallization of the material from the sintering. In terms of appearance and texture, the surface finish of the polishing plate is much higher than that of the stone, and the luminosity can reach 90-120 gloss. More importantly, its special microcrystalline structure enables the light to enter through any angle, Diffuse reflection of crystal particles, can be evenly distributed to any angle of light, the plate to form a soft jade texture, more crystal than the natural stone soft, so that the building more ambilight.

2 Wide Range of Applications

According to customers' request,  a variety of color series can be produced, especially the  most fashionable four colors: crystal white, beige, light gray and pure white. At the same time, it can make up for the defects of big color difference from natural stones. Products are widely used in hotels, office buildings, airports and other interior decoration station, and more suitable for advanced home decoration, such as walls, floors, trim, furniture, washbasin panels.

3. Excellent Wear Resistance

As a chemically stable inorganic crystalline material, ceramic stone contains glass matrix structure, its acid resistance, corrosion resistance are stronger than natural stone, especially the wear-resistance is more prominent, will withstand long-term wind and sun and will not fade or reduce the intensity.

4. Strong anti-pollution

Water absorption of micro crystal tiles is extremely low, almost zero. A variety of filth slurry, staining solution is not easy to penetrate infiltration.Dirt on the surface is also  easy to be cleaned , especially convenient for  building cleaning and maintenance.

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