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New Tile Industry Situation in Zibo, China.--J&C TILE

- Mar 26, 2018 -

New Tile Industry Situation in Zibo,Shandong !


The ceramic industry park has made new progress;Shandong production area develop the gray marble tile in large-scale;Functional tiles such as anion, antibacterial, etc prevail.


New Progress about New Ceramic Industry Park:

In first batch there are 10 enterprises entering the park, and the first phase of the factory building was completed one after another. Production equipments are being installed in the factory.




According to the standard of enterprise admission established by government, factory should be configurated with high-end smart devices, the investment intensity is not less than 6.66 million USD  per hectare.

Production is expected to start in May.


Hot Sale for Gray Marble Tile:

Jade effect products were hot in the first half of 2017, while they are replaced by stone tiles this year. And the style is modern, the color is mainly gray, the texture is more concise, and the flatness and wear resistance are improved.


1. 29° Nano Soft Light Natural Stone:




The 29° nano soft light stone tile adopts nanometer material protection in the production process to solve the problems of weak antifouling ability, soft light effect and low abrasion resistance of the current soft light products. The water absorption is as low as 0.001% .


2. Full body marble "grayscale series":


Using dot-matrix numerically-controlled light polishing technology, nano-diamond corundum technology, web pattern desalination technology and core color technology, this series of products restore the stone texture with multi face and multi color.


3. Marble Tiles "White Landscape":


The product uses 75 degrees soft light, constant temperature calcination 1280 degrees, high wear coefficient.Applicable for both wall and floor, flexible in cutting to small size and color matching.


4.Modern quartz tile:


Breakthrough in Specifications:

1. Stonehenge "Carrara" in 750*1500mm





Functional Tiles Prevail Fast:

In addition to breakthrough innovations, Shandong production areas have also achieved technological innovation in terms of functions and environmental protection. Many companies have introduced functional tiles, such as negative ion tiles, antibacterial ecological tiles, etc.

1. Negative ion tiles:


The worker’s tester showed that the average concentration of negative ions measured on the tile surface was 761/cm3, while test value is below 50 for ordinary tile.Negative ion tiles use special color glazes to make the surface of the tile contact with the air to form negatively charged negative ions in the air and increase the concentration of negative ions in the environment, thus highlighting the selling points of healthy tiles.The negative ion tile production line needs to be improved, the firing temperature is higher, the output is slower, and special additives are added, so the production cost is also higher than that of ordinary tiles.


2. Ecological antibacterial tiles:


3. 37°Brightness Wall tile




Restore the natural stone's color, texture.Design and color matching are simple but generous.


4. Wood effect tiles:






The annual rings in the cross section of the old tree are inspired by the color, giving the wooden floor tiles a strong cultural connotation and a sense of history.

Will continue to provide you more updated valuable information!


Best Regards.




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