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New Trends of Tiles

- Apr 05, 2018 -

New Trends of Tiles

In the era of continuous innovation, people are increasingly demanding decorative tiles. This forces tile manufacturers to accelerate the pace of new product development, and constantly introduce new products to meet the different needs of consumers. In recent years, there have been five trends in the international tile market.

One is shocking. This kind of tile uses heavy colors, such as gold and black, bright green and purple, and each tile has different striking patterns and colors. It is very popular with architects and consumers who pursue personality.

The second is nostalgic conservative. This kind of tile is mainly apricot and light blue. It tends to design the church designs of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the European palace retro clothing and ancient Greek portraits, etc. It is decent and generous from the composition to the color. Most of the customers belong to the conservative middle class. They are looking for rules and will not deviate.

The third is a lively and enterprising type. This type of tile is very time-conscious. The pattern is dominated by crepe patterns. The colors are burgundy, dark green, and dark blue. With a large number of concave and convex lines, the interior light can be adjusted to match the chromaticity. Strong three-dimensional feeling. As a result, young people in their 20s and 30s, who are highly regarded for their freshness, favor.

The fourth is gentle women. This type of tile is mainly composed of soft pink blue and pink, and the patterns of the flower series are matched with feather patterns. It is absolutely feminine and is favored by mature women, especially middle-aged women.

The fifth is the young administrative type. The design of this tile is more durable, and the tone tends to be soft pink or lighter. The book has a heavier taste and is less eye-catching. It can match the identity of young management in their 30s and make them love at first sight.

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