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Pay Attention to These 6 Points When Paving Tiles

- Aug 08, 2018 -

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size tiles according to the space and home style is the first step to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Many people tend to focus on texture and luminosity when choosing tiles, but often ignore the choice of specifications.


Some people love big boards, some people like small tiles. However, the size of the tile is different depending on the area. The selection of large plates for small and medium-sized apartments generally means that the corners are cut more and the tiles are more worn out. Small-sized tiles are more suitable for use in small and warm spaces, and large-area applications tend to appear dense and airy.

Determine the paving plan

The traditional straight shop has a simple effect and low loss; while the word shop, the diagonal shop and even the more complicated back shop, the misplaced shop, the loss is relatively high. The more sophisticated and luxurious type of mosaic, the cost is undoubtedly higher. The arc-shaped and streamlined mosaics are difficult to cut and have higher losses.


Draw the paving schedule

After determining the tile specifications and paving schemes, don't worry about the construction. Plan the tiles in advance, calculate the arrangement of the tiles, and plan the cutting. It can ensure that the tiles are used as much as possible and make full use of the corner tiles to reduce the loss rate. Problems such as tile position, door and window position, wall joints, etc. can be considered in advance when arranging bricks to avoid blind construction.


It is more convenient to calculate the number of tiles to be purchased. Because buying more than one tile will cause waste, and buying less replenishment is not convenient, and there may be problems with inconsistent color numbers.

Select the proper brand

The price of ceramic tiles is of course an important reason for the renovation expenditure, but don't try to buy cheaper products. Once there is a problem after the paving, the rework and materials costs will undoubtedly be a large expenditure, and often do not get proper after-sales treatment.

Choose a qualified construction team

The problems of hollowing, cracking, arching, etc. caused by unqualified tilelaying process are not uncommon in the decoration. In order to minimize these situations and avoid unnecessary repair expenses, it is important to choose a qualified construction team based on the quality of the tiles.


Workers' paving techniques can also greatly affect the loss of ceramic tiles. When cutting and tiling tiles, skilled craftsmanship can greatly reduce mistakes.

Do a good job of supervision

In the decoration process, the owner should try to supervise the construction site as soon as possible. First, supervise the construction party to lay the tiles in strict accordance with the specifications, to prevent the construction from sloppy and waste the tiles; secondly, it can be timely checked and accepted, and once problems are found, it can be solved in time.


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