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Polished Tiles

- Apr 02, 2018 -

The polished brick is a kind of bright brick that is polished on the surface of the whole brick body and belongs to a whole body brick. For bricks, the surface of the polished tile is much smoother.

Polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant and are suitable for use in indoor spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Based on the application of the infiltration technology, the polished tiles can make various kinds of imitated stone and wood effect.

Product Advantage:

1.No radioactive elements: Natural stone is a mineral substance, which has not been sintered at high temperature, so it contains individual trace radioactive elements. Long-term contact will be harmful to the human body; polished tiles will not cause harm to the human body;

2.Basically controllable no color difference: Due to the diagenesis time and different shades of the rock formation, the natural stone has been carefully deployed, and the batches of products have the same color and no color difference.

3. High bending strength: Due to the natural formation of natural stone, the time of formation, weathering, etc. are not the same, resulting in different degrees of strength and strength; the polished tile is pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, and sintered at a high temperature above 1200°C. high strength;

4.The brick body is thin and light: Because of the low strength of natural stone, the processing thickness is large and heavy, which increases the load weight of the building on the floor, forms a potential threat, increases the cost, and increases the transportation, paving, etc. difficult.

5.Non-slip: It is very important that the floor tile is safe and non-slip, especially the family with the old child pays more attention to the anti-skid effect of the tile. The surface of the polished tile is bright and bright, and many consumers think that its anti-skid effect is poor. If it spills water, it will increase the safety risk, so that it can't avoid it. Instead, it has to choose the "light-contained" matt ceramic tiles. In fact, all the polished tiles are non-slip. If there is dirt on the bricks, the water will be astringent. Therefore, as long as the daily cleaning is done, the non-slip effect will not be affected. In anti-slip performance, polished tiles are the same as matt tiles.

Disadvantages of Polished Tile:

Polished tiles are popular with consumers because of their hard, wear-resistant and suitable for large-scale indoor and outdoor decoration. However, when the polishing bricks are left in the production, the pores will be dirty and the surface will easily infiltrate the contaminants. Even some of the tea is poured on the polished tiles. Perhaps the industry is aware of this, and later some good-quality polished tiles have been coated with an anti-fouling layer at the factory, but this layer of anti-fouling layer has caused the tiles to lose the effect of bricks. If you want to continue the whole body, you have to continue to brush the defense layer. In the decoration industry, water wax is applied before construction to prevent sticking. Polishing brick antifouling technology is at the forefront of Europe and the United States in Italy, Spain, and only a few first-line brands in China have such antifouling technology. Therefore, anti-fouling treatment technology has become a compulsory course for polished tile products.

The effect of the polished tile glaze is different from the method of decoration such as osmosis, large particles, etc. It uses a special special frit mixed with the base material and pressed or applied to the brick surface through a special screen printing, and after burned, it is polished to produce different color particles or patterns, etc. Decorative effect.

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