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Selected wall Tiles of the most common mistakes made four major mistakes

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Selected wall Tiles of the most common mistakes made four major mistakes:

  1, that bright color tile can enhance indoor lighting

  Most homes and office buildings tend to be decorated with brighter tiles, because the bright tiles can not only make the room look rich, bright, but also to a certain extent, make up for lack of lighting.

  In fact, bright polished tiles and a part of the antique brick light reflection coefficient can be as high as 90%, while the general white light wall Tiles of the light reflection coefficient is about 70%, about 80% of mirror glass, if long life living in a smooth tile wall Tiles floor environment , Light reflection will make the eyes very tired, and even lead to reduced visual function, so the home tiles do not recommend the use of too bright tiles.

  2, regardless of space with a blind waist

  The edge of the wall Tiles in the daily home furnishings is often used to decorate the waistline brick. It can visually add a sense of hierarchy to the space and reflect the individuality, taste and taste of the owner. But it should be noted that, although very beautiful and very beautiful, but the waist line is not applicable at all times.

  There are two cases of common is not suitable for pavement waist:

  First, the height of the bathroom is not enough, paved the waist will make the overall space was divided, the original is not high bathroom even more low;

  Second, the kitchen area is small, or the use of the whole cabinet of the family, cabinet height and waist height are almost 80-90 cm or so, the waist line just appeared in the cabinet above the table not only did not decorate but also seem messy.

  3, thick tiles better than thin tiles

  Many home improvement products are the thicker the better quality, so consumers tend to form a kind of inherent thinking, that the heavy things more real, in fact, the market is really thick tiles more than thin tiles, and the larger the specifications The thicker the tiles, and the same specifications of the tiles than the wall Tiless thick.

  On the use of value, the biggest value of the tile or decorative effect, as long as the carrying capacity and anti-sabotage ability on it, too thick tiles is not environmentally friendly.

  4, tile style is too mixed

  Whether it is avant-garde or national wind, too chaotic wall Tiless are not suitable for a daily living environment, to pattern, color and more for the standard to purchase tiles, and finally easy to decorate a pot of stewed home, color Many, beautiful color is not equivalent to your home, but will cause the discomfort of living.

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